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My Vampire Knight Fanfic Chapter 7 Grand Day Out

Here is the new chapter of my fanfic enjoy.

 Keiko woke up the next day she sat up in her bed and stretched and glanced at her clock and saw it was two in the afternoon 'Oh good I didn't over sleep' she thought while rubbing her eyes she could see her friend Kisa was still asleep so she got up and shook her friend lightly "Hey Kisa wake up" Keiko said and saw her friend move in her sleep "Hey wake up" Keiko said louder and shook her friend harder Kisa moved again in her sleep and murmured "More sleep thank you" but still didn't wake up Keiko sighed getting annoyed 'And I'm suppose to be the one who's impossible to wake up' she thought then smiled 'Well time for drastic measures' Keiko thought she then pulled the covers off her friend Kisa shivered a bit from the loss of them but still slept Keiko then picked up her friend bridal-style took a few steps back from the bed and dropped her on the floor "OW! WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR?!" Kisa shouted sitting up now fully awake "You wouldn't wake up and I know this always works" Keiko said trying not to laugh at her friend "Grrrrr I hate you" Kisa growled at Keiko "No you don't and you're lucky it didn't reach the stage where I had to throw you out of the window" Keiko said holding out her hand to help her friend "You're right about that" Kisa said taking her friend's hand "By the way why did you wake me up?" Kisa asked now standing up "Well you said you wanted to go into town so I had to wake you up" Keiko said opening the curtains then quickly shielded her eyes while they got use to the light "Oh yeah now I remember thanks for reminding me!" Kisa said and then hugged her friend from behind "You're welcome now come on lets get dressed" Keiko said getting out of her friends hug "Okay!" Kisa said happily while thinking of what she should wear.

* * * * *

 Yuuki was walking towards Zero's bedroom 'Okay let's hope he's in the mood to cooperate today' she thought she then knocked on his door a grumpy Zero opened the door "What?" he asked annoyed about being bothered "Come on Zero you can't stay in here all day" Yuuki said putting her hands on her hips "I can try" Zero said closing the door "Oh no you don't" Yuuki said stopping the door with her foot "Come on Zero the Headmaster wants us to go into town and do some shopping apparently he's got a new recipe that he wants us to try" she said grimacing at the thought of his cooking "You can do it yourself" Zero said about to move Yuuki's foot from the door "Okay then Zero" Yuuki said removing her foot from the door "I'll be sure to tell Headmaster I'm sure he'll be more than happy to keep you company while I'm out" she said before he closed the door "I'll get my shoes" Zero said quickly then walked out of his room as he walked down the corridor Yuuki followed 'I knew that would work' she thought smiling.

* * * * *

 Kisa was standing by the door in their room wearing a long sleeved black top, jean skirt that reached her knees and had tears in the sides to allow her to run, plain white socks and black converse shoes "You ready yet Keiko?" she asked a bit impatient "Almost" her friend replied "You know it takes me awhile to do up my laces" Keiko said she was wearing a black hoodie with white skull's on, jeans, black socks with grey skulls on them and red converse shoes "Okay ready" she said finished doing up her laces and got off her bed "You're wearing a hoodie?" Kisa asked her friend with a eyebrow raised "You know I always wear a hoodie" Keiko said walking towards the door "You sure it looks like quite a warm day?" Kisa said worried her friend would boil "That's why I'm wearing the thin hoodie" Keiko said smiling while Kisa laughed "You never change Keiko" Kisa said trying to calm down again "You're right about that now lets go" Keiko said dragging her friend out of their room.

* * * * *

 Yuuki and Zero were about to walk out of the house when the Headmaster rushed up to them and gave Yuuki a spine crushing hug "Yuuuuuuuuuuuuukiiiiiiiii be careful!" the Headmaster whined crying like an idiot 'I hate this guy' Zero thought Yuuki manged to get out of the hug "We'll be fine Headmaster we've gone to town several times before and if we run into any Level E's I've got Artemis and Zero has the Bloody Rose" Yuuki said smiling she then grabbed Zero's hand "Come on Zero" she said happily and dragged him out of the house the Headmaster just smiled then went to his office to work on some files.

* * * * *

 Keiko and Kisa arrived at the town and it was a nice town there were quite a lot of people but not too much that it's hard not to bump into people there quite a few different shops as well but Keiko and Kisa weren't interested much in shopping in fact they hated clothes and shoe shopping unlike other girls their age "Wow this so cool and it's great to get out and get some fresh air" Kisa while stretching and enjoying the nice cool breeze 'It looks like Keiko won't boil' she thought "I agree" Keiko said "Though I wish it wasn't so sunny" she said covering her eyes with her fringe Kisa then turned to look at her friend "That's right you prefer the rain don't you?" Kisa asked "Well I don't mind the sun just so long as there isn't too much of it otherwise it hurts my eyes" Keiko said rubbing her eyes "ANYWAY enough about me let's go and explore" she said walking off "Sure" Kisa said following her friend.

* * * * *

 Yuuki and Zero had reached town and Yuuki had the shopping list from the Headmaster "Right let's get started Zero!" she said cheerfully and dragged him off 'Where does she get all her energy from?' Zero thought. A few hours later they had all the stuff the Headmaster wanted but Yuuki wanted to have a wander around and Zero didn't mind so long as they went back before sunset. Yuuki then saw someone in the crowd of people she took a closer look "Hey Zero I think that's Keiko over there" she pointing at the person in the crowd Zero looked to where she was pointing "Oh hell she's here" he said hoping Keiko wouldn't notice them.

* * * * *

 Keiko looked to her left to see Yuuki and Zero not too far away she had heard everything they had said 'My good hearing can be quite useful sometimes' she thought "Hey Kisa did you hear what they said?" Keiko asked her friend "I sure did" Kisa said smiling "Seems Zero doesn't like you much" she said and began to snigger at what Zero had said "Let's go and say and hello" Keiko said walking towards Yuuki and Zero "Yeah!" Kisa agreed happily and followed her friend when they reached Yuuki and Zero "Hello" Keiko and Kisa said happily and smiled "Hi Keiko and Kisa nice to see you" Yuuki said smiling at the two "Thanks Yuuki" Kisa said Keiko then walked towards Zero 'Here it comes he thought' "And hello to you too Zero" Keiko said smiling at him and saw his eyes widen in surprise "Something wrong?" she asked raising an eyebrow "Oh you were expecting me to call you hothead weren't you?" Keiko asked and Zero nodded "Well I'm not gonna call you that all the time I basically just use it when I'm teasing you" she said "So what are you doing here?" Yuuki asked "Oh I wanted to go look around town and Keiko agreed to come" Kisa said "What's your reason to be in town?" she asked "Huh? oh the Headmaster wanted us to get some things for a new recipe he wants us to try" Yuuki said dreading dinner tonight "Oh" Keiko said "Speaking of food anyone want to go grab a bit to eat I'm starving" she said "Sure!" Yuuki said excitedly "Can we go to this Café I like?" she asked clearly wanting to go "Sure I could go with something sweet anyway" Keiko said following an ecstatic Yuuki, Kisa quickly followed behind Keiko, while Zero just shook his head and followed 'This better not take too long it will be dark soon' he thought. They soon arrived at the Café and they all sat down at a table Yuuki ordered her favourite ice-cream Keiko ordered the same as her Zero ordered a coffee and Kisa didn't get anything since she wasn't hungry when their order arrived Yuuki said "I'm digging in!" and she quickly devoured her ice-cream Keiko's and Kisa's eyes widened in surprise "You can sure eat a lot" Keiko said and Yuuki laughed nervously "It seems you may have finally found someone who eats more than you" Kisa said nudging her friend with her arm and they laughed Zero looked at the laughing girls 'Are they really the same girls who killed those Level E's last night? they seem so different they said they were once human does that mean they were bitten by a pureblood like me?' he thought "Hey Kisa can I ask you something?" Yuuki asked "Sure fire away" Kisa said happy to answer a question "How did you get that scar over your right eye?" Yuuki asked pointing to her right eye Kisa's smile disappeared and she covered her eye with her right hand.

'There was a girl chained to a wall she was covered in bruises, cuts and blood a man walked towards her and she raised her head to look at him and she growled at him

"I'll tell you again do as I say and we'll stop hurting you" he said holding a knife

"NEVER! YOU KILLED MY FAMILY I WILL NEVER OBEY YOU I WOULD DIE FIRST!" she shouted at the man struggling in her restraints the man laughed and he stabbed her in the side and used his claws and slashed at her right eye she saw the attack though and moved her face but she was not quick enough and one claw cut down her eye but luckily it didn't cause any damage to her actual eye and she cried out in pain as blood poured from her wounds the man laughed and took out his knife from her body and stood up

"You are mistaken I was not the one who killed your family" he said and the man walked out of the room and the girl cried tears of pain and saddness'.

 Keiko shook her friend "Oh no you don't you're not going there again" she said still shaking her friend "Huh?!" Kisa said coming too "Oh sorry about that" Kisa said shaking her head "Did I say something wrong?" Yuuki asked upset that she may have hurt her "No you did nothing wrong I was just remembering where I got this scar and let's just say it's not a very nice memory" Kisa said shivering at the thought of it "Oh" Yuuki said "Don't worry you did nothing wrong Yuuki" Keiko said finishing off her ice-cream "Well enough about us I would like to know more about you two" Keiko said smiling "Us?" Yuuki asked and Keiko nodded "Well um for st-" Yuuki was interrupted by Keiko raising her hand 'They're here at a time like this?! Damn it!' she thought and she ran out of the Café and Yuuki followed "Hey wait" Yuuki said and followed after Keiko while Zero just stayed where he was "What was that about?" he asked "Maybe she's not feeling well" Kisa said lying knowing full well why Keiko ran out.

* * * * *

 Keiko ran through the streets with Yuuki in hot pursuit Keiko reached the abandoned part of the streets and she reached a dead end Yuuki finally caught up with her and she hunched over and put her hands on her knees trying to catch her breath she was about to ask what was wrong with Keiko when suddenly 40 Level E's came down off the roof tops and surrounded them Yuuki was terrified and quickly got out the Artemis Rod to try and defend herself while Keiko smiled 'This many Level E's in just a couple days it must be my Birthday' she thought "I'm gonna enjoy this" she said as a Level E lunged at her.

OHHHHHHHHHH! Things are getting interesting how did Kisa end up chained to a wall and how did she get out? and what will happen to Keiko and Yuuki? Find out soon.......

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