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My Vampire Knight Fanfic Chapter 15 Forest of Death

Here is my fanfic's new chapter.

 The next morning Keiko woke up and saw Kisa still hugging her tightly Keiko looked at the clock and saw they were late for class but she didn't care she then tried to get out of Kisa's tight hug but she wouldn't let go.

"Oh brother" Keiko said sighing

"What did you say?" Kisa asked opening her eyes

"Nothing I'm just trying to get you to let go" Keiko said "Besides we're late for class"

"What?!" Kisa said letting go of Keiko and turning to look at the clock

"That's better" Keiko said happy to be out of Kisa's spine crushing hug "Don't worry though I don't intend to go to class today" she said sitting up

"Why?" Kisa asked turning to face Keiko

"Well I didn't sleep at all while I was at Matsuville and also I want to know what you've been up to since I left" Keiko said

"Oh okay" Kisa said sitting up and began to tell Keiko what had happened while she was away.

* * * * *

"Come on Yori hurry!" Yuuki said running with her friend who were both late for class.

 They soon burst through of the classroom doors panting heavily luckily class hadn't quite started yet so Yori and Yuuki headed towards their seats.

"That was close" Yuuki said putting her books down

"Well you were quite difficult to wake up today" Yori said sighing

Yuuki laughed nervously "Sorry about that" Yuuki said.

 Soon the teacher entered the classroom Yuuki and Zero's, who had arrived a little before Yuuki, eyes widened in surprise when they saw their teacher was Yagari.

"Hello my name is Toga Yagari I'll be your substitute teacher for today" Yagari said eyeing the class "Are there any questions?" he asked.

 Soon the students were bombarding Yagari with all sorts of questions the girl were asking him things like if he was single and did he have a girlfriend and the boys were just asking questions like if he had ever gotten in a fight. While Yagari was just barely paying attention to the strange questions he noticed the empty desk where he knew Keiko and Kisa were suppose to sit and was wondering why they weren't there. Yuuki and Zero noticed that Yagari was looking at the empty desk and were also wondering why Keiko and Kisa weren't here. Yuuki decided that after class she would go and see if Keiko and Kisa were in their dorm room.

* * * * *

 Keiko and Kisa were still sitting on Kisa's bed laughing madly, cos' Kisa had just told Keiko about the encounter she had with Aidou yesterday, soon Kisa finished her story.

"I'm sorry I missed that" Keiko said still laughing wished she could have been there when Kisa was teasing Aidou "But it's good Kaname remembered you" she said "Took him long enough" Keiko whispered but Kisa heard her and giggled

"You're right about that" Kisa said "So what did you do at Matsuville?" she asked

"You already know that Kisa" Keiko said

"Yeah but I want to know the bloody details" Kisa said smiling and with a sparkle in her eyes

"Alright" Keiko said 'I think I've turned you into a sadist' Keiko thought looking at her friends happy face.

 A couple of hours later Keiko finished telling the bloody details of her trip to Matsuville to Kisa.

"Listen Kisa I'm gonna take a nap so do whatever you want" Keiko said leaning her head on her right shoulder and closed her eye

"Okay" Kisa said and got up and grabbed the book about vampires, that she was reading a couple days ago, and sat back down on her bed making sure to be quite.

'Keiko opened her eyes and she saw she was a raven sitting in a tree in a beautiful forest she then opened her wings and took flight she started flying North. While Keiko was flying she felt so free and happy like there was not a care in the world. After a few hours of flying Keiko came across a dead forest the trees were bare the sky was black the only sounds that could be heard were the distant howls of wolves, the hoots of owls and the beating of her wings. Keiko then came across a mansion that looked abandoned in a clearing in the forest she landed in a tree at the edge of the clearing with a flock of other ravens perched in it, she was slightly bigger than the other ravens, a raven crowed at her angry at her appearance but she crowed back soon the entire flock was arguing. But they were soon silenced when a crash sound was heard and the raven who started the argument fell out the tree and landed on the ground dead. Keiko looked toward the mansion and saw there was now a broken window on the ground floor she looked toward the ground and Keiko saw there was a stone next to the dead raven she then saw a black wolf come along and run off with the dead raven. Keiko then looked at the mansion she couldn't see anyone in it but she knew for certain now that there was. Keiko soon felt her eyes grow heavy she soon fell asleep.'

"Oiiiiiiiiiii" Kisa said poking Keiko, who had been asleep for awhile now "Time to wake up sleepyhead"

"Huh?" Keiko said waking up and moved her head from it's resting place on her shoulder "Ahh" Keiko whimpered as her neck was stiff from having been in the same position for so long "Why'd you wake me up Kisa?" Keiko said slightly annoyed, while rubbing her sore neck

"I was getting bored reading the same book again and again" Kisa said holding up the book about vampires

"You read a book that isn't even accurate several times?" Keiko asked not really believing her friend would do that

"I was very bored" Kisa said getting up and putting the book away

"Clearly" Keiko said while stretching her arms above her head.

 Just as Kisa was about to speak they heard someone knocking at the door.

"Come in" Keiko said, as Kisa sat back down on the bed with her

"Hi" Yuuki said as she walked into the room and shut the door behind her "You didn't turn up in class today and I was worried" she said

"Well you didn't have to be worried we're fine" Kisa said

"We didn't come cos' I was tired and I just wanted to make sure I had entirely gotten rid of my excess energy" Keiko said and smiled

"That's good" Yuuki said, taking a seat on the empty bed "I also wanted to apologise Keiko for your eye" she said lowering her head so they couldn't see her face

"You don't have to apologise Yuuki" Keiko said climbing over Kisa and put her hands on Yuuki's shoulders "It wasn't your fault and trust me I've had much worse injuries" Keiko said smiling

"I just don't understand why that Level E tried to attack me" Yuuki said lifting her head to look at Keiko who was still smiling at her

"I have a feeling he was trying to test to see if I actually cared about humans or if I was just a heartless beast that didn't care that if I caused the death of an innocent human" Keiko said sitting next to Yuuki

"But you're not a beast" Yuuki said looking at Keiko who looked sad "Neither of you are" she said looking at Kisa as well

"Thanks it's been awhile since a human has said that to us" Keiko said smiling

"Hey Yuuki" Kisa asked, now sitting on the edge of the bed

"Yes?" Yuuki asked

"If it's not too much trouble could you tell us about your past it's just you weren't able to when we went to the Café" Kisa asked curious to know Yuuki's past

"Oh um sure" Yuuki said "Well my first memory was of a snowy night 10 years ago".

Ohhhhhhhh! things are getting interesting Yagari is now a teacher? and what will Keiko and Kisa think of Yuuki's past? Find out soon.........

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