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My Vampire Knight Fanfic Chapter 3 Hidden Truths and Motives

Here is chapter 3 of my Vampire Knight fanfic I hope you enjoy it.

 'AHHHHHHHH! she could hear the dying screams everywhere there was blood everywhere there were dead bodies that were ruthlessly slaughtered right in front of her eyes everywhere then she saw her mother running towards her.

"Hide! please hide!" her mother shouted she then ran towards her mother and her mother tried to hide her behind some debris that use to be part of their home "Please don't come out till this is over" her mother begged

"Please don't go mother" she begged but her mother ran away and she watched as someone attacked her and she saw them tear open her mother's throat

"NOOOOO!" she screamed and she ran out her hiding place and tackled the person away from her mother and ran to her body but she was already dead "AHHHHHHHH!" she screamed out in grief as she held her mother's body the tears wouldn't stop falling as she mourned her mother's death then her mother's killer got up and jumped her but she didn't bother to fight back seeing as how she had just watched her entire family murdered what was the point in continuing to live so she braced herself and hoped to be reunited with her family soon'.

"Hey! grrrr HEY WAKE UP ALREADY KEIKO!" Kisa shouted trying to wake her friend 'It's impossible to wake her up in the morning' she thought

"Huh?!" Keiko said sitting up suddenly and headbutting her friend

"Owwww!" Kisa cried out lying on the floor "For the love of Artemis that hurt!" Kisa shouted sitting up

"Artemis?" Keiko questioned "Have you been chasing Vampire Hunters again?" Keiko said looking at her friend suspiciously

"No" Kisa said looking away 'Vampire Hunters are so much fun to chase and they do taste rather nice'

"Hmmmm I don't believe you" Keiko said still looking at her friend

"Why not?" Kisa asked looking back at her friend

"Cos' you're drooling" Keiko said pointing at her friends mouth

"What?!" Kisa said realising her friend was right

"Busted" Keiko said getting out of bed and helping her friend up off the floor 'Darn my heart won't heart calm down from that nightmare'

"Keiko did you have another nightmare of 'that' time?" Kisa asked when she was standing up again

"Cos' I can sense your heart beating quite fast and your eyes flashed red for a second when you woke up and that only happens when you have a nightmare of 'that' time" Kisa said worried for her friend

"Yeah I did dream of 'that' time I was hoping to have a dream filled with blood just not that kind of dream it's been awhile though since I last dreamt of 'that' time" Keiko said sighing "By the way why did you wake me up Kisa?" Keiko asked looking at her friend with tired eyes

"Huh? oh yeah now I remember we need to get ready for school" Kisa said with a smile

"I almost forgot we came to this school come on lets get dressed" Keiko said stretching "I HATE waking up in the morning I'm a born night person" Keiko said slightly irritated, while Kisa just started taking off her pyjamas, while rubbing her eyes

"I'm not surprised considering what you are" Kisa said, while Keiko also started taking off her pyjamas, putting her shirt on

"Well you're the same as me you're more of a night person too" Keiko said while thinking 'I see my hearts calmed down now.... now where did I put my socks?'

"I guess that's true the only difference is that I can get up in the morning if it's necessary you on the other wouldn't get up even if someone tried to murder you in your sleep" Kisa said while brushing her hair, Keiko finally manged to find her socks then put them on, and quickly checking the time 'I don't think we'll be late' Kisa thought

"That's not funny" Keiko said throwing her shoe at her friend "Now lets get dressed quickly and head to class quickly" she said picking her shoe up again, while Kisa rubbed her back where the shoe had hit

"That hurt! But I guess you're right" Kisa said passing the hair brush to Keiko.

 Keiko and Kisa quickly got dressed and grabbed their books they skipped breakfast cos' they were in a hurry and weren't very hungry they then stood outside the classroom waiting for the teacher to tell them to come in they soon heard the teacher say "We have two new students starting today please come in" so they went into the classroom and they could hear the girls whisper "It's them from yesterday who caused trouble for the Night Class" and they heard some of the boys whisper "They're rather cute" Keiko just sighed and thought 'This is going to be a pain' she and Kisa stood at the front of the classroom and the teacher said "Why don't you introduce yourselves?".

"Pleased to meet you all I'm Keiko Kurohana" Keiko said then bowed politely

"Same here I'm Kisa Akari" Kisa said bowing as well

"It's nice to meet you two" the teacher said with a smile 'She's rather nice I'd forgotten what it was like to be in a school' Keiko thought "Why don't you take the empty seats over there?" the teacher said pointing to an empty desk in the 3rd row by the window

"Sure thanks teacher" Keiko

 Keiko and Kisa then went to their seats and put their books down, Keiko took the seat next to the window, the teacher soon began the lesson while Keiko was focusing on the lesson Kisa was bored out of her mind but still payed attention to the lesson 'You were never one for school were you Kisa' Keiko thought 'But don't worry we can entertain ourselves later with that Level E that's wandering around near here' Keiko smiled to herself.

 * * * * *

 Kaname was sitting in his office playing with the black knight from his chess set and thinking 'Keiko why are you here? If you're not here for 'that' then what? and how will you fit into this game and what will your role be?' he wondered then putting the chess piece back on the board he then summoned Aidou.

"What do you need Lord Kaname?" Aidou asked bowing respectively

"Aidou I need you to invite that new student Keiko here the one who was swinging you around yesterday" Kaname said in his usual calm voice

"What?!" Aidou said in surprise "With all due respect Kaname why would you want to invite her here?" Aidou asked

"Are you questioning me?" Kaname asked the window behind him cracking

"No of course not Lord Kaname!" Aidou said with fear in his voice and quickly bowing again

"Good now I want you to go and invite her here and if she accepts bring her back here I want to have a private word with her understood?" Kaname asked

"Yes of course Lord Kaname" Aidou said bowing again and walking out of the office.

* * * * *

 Keiko and Kisa were outside sitting under a tree enjoying lunch break and the peace and quiet it was quiet since no other dare approach them.

"We're as feared as hothead and it's only our first day" Keiko said smiling while Kisa chuckled

"Yeah...... Hey! how about we play a game?" Kisa asked

"Sure what do you have in mind?" Keiko asked looking at her friend

"How about I spy?" Kisa asked

"Okay umm I spy with my little eye something beginning with T"



"I spy with my little eye something beginning with G"



"I spy with my little eye something beginning with P"

"P?" Kisa said confused "Ummm give up tell me" Kisa said looking at her friend

"Pervert at 12 o'clock" Keiko said pointing at Aidou walking towards them and Kisa just died laughing

"Hey I heard that!" Aidou shouted with steam coming from his ears

"Hey chill out dude I'm just having some fun you're even worse than hothead seems nobody can take a joke in this school" Keiko said standing up then helping her friend up who had finished dying of laughter

"So what are you here for?" Kisa asked wiping the tears from her eyes

"Lord Kaname has asked me to invite you to the Moon Dorm" Aidou said still slightly mad

"Oh cool let's go Kisa" Keiko said grabbing her hand

"Sure I'd like to see the Moon Dorm" Kisa said letting go of her friends hand and walking next to her

"Lord Kaname said he wanted to talk to Keiko in private he didn't mention you" Aidou said pointing at Kisa

"She's still coming pervert" Keiko said smirking and staring at Aidou

"STOP CALLING ME THAT!" he shouted his face bright red

"We will if you let me come as well pervert" Kisa said with a smile

"I SAID STOOOOOP!" Aidou shouted even louder "Grrrr fine then let's go" he said giving in and walking towards the Moon Dorm

"Thanks" Keiko and Kisa said walking behind Aidou 'Though we're still gonna call you pervert' Keiko thought while smiling to herself.

 All three walked towards the Moon Dorm in silence while Keiko and Kisa admired how big it was they then walked inside and saw nobody there 'Not surprising seeing as it's daytime' Keiko thought. They continued walking and soon reached Kaname's office and Aidou left after giving them a warning that he will not let them hurt Lord Kaname Keiko and Kisa then knocked on the office door "Come in" they heard from the other side then walked in.

"Hello Keiko" Kaname said then noticed Kisa "I thought I told Aidou that only you were suppose to come?" Kaname asked

"I insisted" Keiko said while her and Kisa walked towards the desk Kaname was sitting at "By the way you know Kisa as well Kaname" she said looking at him

"I don't remember her" he said looking at Kisa carefully

"You will soon" Keiko said glancing at her friend

"Anyway why are you here Keiko is it for 'that'?" Kaname asked in a serious voice though inside he was worried about her answer

"No we're not here for 'that' Kaname" Keiko said "We're here for something else" she said her eyes glowing blood red and flashing her once hidden fangs.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh! what's gonna happen next? what does Keiko's dream mean and what are Keiko and Kisa here for? find out soon.........

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