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My Vampire Knight Fanfic Chapter 2 Trouble Makers

Here is chapter of my fanfic enjoy.

 The entire Night Class's eyes widened in surprise, including Kaname's, then everybody's eyes were on Keiko but she didn't care, Kisa just stood next to Keiko not bothered either.

"Why did you say Kaname's name in an angry voice Keiko?" Kisa asked

Keiko thought for a moment "No idea" Keiko said shrugging

"Do I know you?" Kaname asked with an eyebrow raised

"Awwwwww he doesn't remember us Keiko that's no fun" Kisa whined

"What do you expect Kisa it's been a long time since we last saw him" Keiko explained

"But it's been a long time for us too yet we remember him" Kisa said

"Well proves we have better memory than him" Keiko said with a slightly smug voice while Kisa just laughed, but the rest of Night Class wasn't amused at all they were getting angry, Kisa soon stopped laughing

"What are you two talking about?" Kaname asked with confusion

"Let's see if this jogs your memory" Keiko said with a smirk.

 She then reached out and put Kaname in a headlock and started messing up his hair with her free hand, the Day and Night Class gasped in surprise and were shocked that someone had the guts to do that to Kaname Kuran, Kisa just started laughing again, while Zero was struggling to not laugh, Keiko was having a lot of fun doing this to Kaname 'Just like old times' she thought she then saw a silver haired girl about to attack her so she quickly let Kaname go and took a few quick steps back and just avoided the girls attack.

"Whoa that was close!" Kisa said, who had finally stopped laughing, with a smile when she saw Keiko dodge the girls attack

"I've still got it" Keiko said giving her friend a high five, while Kaname regained his footing and tried to fix his hair it hit him 'It can't be her!' he thought and he stood there completely shocked and speechless, when Keiko turned round and saw Kaname she knew he remembered "You remember now?" she asked he didn't respond Kisa then walked up to him

"What's the matter cat got your tongue?" Kisa asked with a playful voice

"If you get any closer then he really will have a cat got his tongue" Keiko said with a smirk

"Hey! that's not nice take that back!" Kisa shouted and walked back to her friend

"No" Keiko said with an emotionless voice

"Grrrrr I'll get you back later" Kisa said in an angry voice

"I look forward to it" Keiko said happily.

 The rest of the Night Class finally got over the shock and became very angry with Keiko the blonde boy she saw earlier whose name she heard was Hanabusa came up to her and shouted at her "How dare you do that to Lord Kaname!" but Keiko and Kisa weren't frightened at all they just looked at each other for a second then back at him then pointed at him.

"Oh look it's the womanizer!" they shouted at the same time then put their arms down

"WHAT?! SHUT UP!" Hanabusa shouted

"No you shut up womanizer!" they shouted again while Keiko thought 'This is so much fun'

"SHUT UP I'M NOT A WOMANIZER!" Hanabusa shouted getting even more angry

"You're not a womanizer?" Keiko and Kisa questioned then said "I guess that makes you something a lot more worse than a womanizer" they said smirking

"GRRRRRRRRR! SHUT UP ALREADY!" Hanabusa shouted now on the verge of insanity and tried to punch Keiko in the face she quickly dodged his fist, while Kisa took several quick steps back, and grabbed the back of the collar on his Night Class jacket and began to spin round, Kisa was careful to not get hit by Hanabusa being swung round in the air, after spinning round enough Keiko let go of him and Hanabusa went very quickly rolling along the ground and crashed into the rest of the Night Class, except the silver haired girl and Kaname, and knocked them all over, while Kisa stepped back to Keiko's side

"STRIKE!" Keiko shouted while raising her right arm in the air in victory

"Nice shot Keiko!" Kisa said in amazement

"Thank you" Keiko said while watching the Night Class get up, once Hanabusa stopped seeing the world spin he looked up to see that he was looking up one of the girls skirts, Keiko and Kisa saw what Hanabusa was doing and started laughing and they heard the girl scream

"AHHHHHHH! Aidou don't look there!" the girl shouted and slapped his face

 Keiko and Kisa continued laughing and they saw the girl who slapped him had pale brown hair and eyes a few shades darker than her hair and they saw she looked very embarrassed and she quickly got up and dusted her self off while the boy with amber eyes who Keiko heard his name was Akatsuki came up to her.

"Are you okay Ruka?" he asked with worry

"I'm fine Akatsuki" she said still slightly embarrassed 'So that's Ruka?' Keiko thought 'I bet her fan is dying of heartbreak at the moment' she thought chuckling lightly the rest of the Night Class stood up and glared at Keiko while she just looked at Hanabusa

"I guess you're not a womanizer Hanabusa" Keiko said chuckling

"What?" Hanabusa said confused

"No instead" Kisa said also chuckling then Keiko and her said at the same time "You're a PERVERT!" they shouted and then died laughing

"WHAT?! NO I'M NOT!" Hanabusa said getting embarrassed

 Once Keiko and Kisa stopped dying of laughter they walked up to Kaname who seemed still in shock until Keiko spoke "Well I would love to catch up and talk about the old days Kaname but me and Kisa have to run now since the Day Class is about to murder us" she said pointing to the Day Class girls who were glaring daggers "Maybe later see ya" Keiko said before her and Kisa ran full speed away from the Day Class who were charging after them shouting.




 Keiko and Kisa continued running they then ran into the forest and quickly climbed a tree until they were near the top and they then watched the Day Class girls run past them without knowing "Let's stay up here for a while till we know they've given up" Keiko said and Kisa nodded in agreement they stayed in the tree till the sun was down luckily that meant they weren't in the tree for too long they then climbed down and went to their room.

* * * * *

In the classroom the Night Class were still annoyed about the new girls and wondering what their problem was while Kaname was thinking 'Why is she here? it doesn't make sense..... Wait! she's not here for 'that' is she? no it's not possible I won't let her not until I get Yuuki back but even then I won't let her have 'that' I must talk to her' Kaname then made a plan to arrange to talk to Keiko in private.

* * * * *

"Today was a lot of fun wasn't it?" Keiko asked putting the last of her stuff away

"Sure was" Kisa said lying in her bed in her pyjamas

 Keiko soon finished putting her stuff away then got changed into her pyjamas and climbed into bed.

"Why didn't we just beat those girls up we could of easily taken them?" Kisa asked

"Cos' that would have blown our cover" Keiko answered

"Oh yeah" Kisa said feeling a little stupid "By the way why didn't we join the Night Class instead of the Day Class I mean we're not human?" Kisa asked looking at her friends eyes and saw they were blood red

"For two reasons Kisa one I wanted to go to school and have people believe I was a human and not have people look at me with disgust" Keiko sighed "And two I wouldn't be caught dead wearing the Night Class uniform" Kisa just laughed quietly due to people sleeping

"Are you sure you're not a goth Keiko" Kisa asked "I'm just kidding by the way your eyes are red" Kisa pointed out

"What?" Keiko asked "Ahhh not again good thing I'm sharing a room with you anyone else would have freaked out" Keiko said then her eyes went back to normal

"Yeah" Kisa chuckled "Well good night" Kisa said then yawned and turned over to face the wall

"Night" Keiko said then also turned over to face the wall then thought 'May you have a sweet dream filled with blood'

OHHHHH things are getting interesting Keiko and Kisa aren't human? what is it Kaname fears Keiko is here for? find out soon.........

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