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My Vampire Knight Fanfic Chapter 14 When we First met

Here's my fanfics new chapter enjoy.

 Everyone listened carefully as Keiko began the story.

"Well after I left your house Headmaster me and Kisa went back to our dorm and I mended Yuuki's jacket and when I finished I changed into the clothes you saw me in and then I ran to Matsuville"

"Wait Matsuville? that's 25 miles away from our nearby town! you ran the whole way there?" the Headmaster asked wondering how she was able to run the whole way there

"Yep remember I'm not human Headmaster so it only took me half an hour to get there" Keiko said wanting to continue her story

"I guess so what happened next?" the Headmaster asked

"Well after I got there I spent the next 3 days killing Level E's" Keiko said "I'm sure you would know why I would choose to go to Matsuville Mr. Hunter" she said looking at Yagari

"Yes I do" Yagari answered looking at Keiko

"Why would you go there?" Yuuki asked

"A large population of Level E's recently moved into Matsuville I'm guessing that's the reason you went there" Yagari said

"Spot on" Keiko said "It was an ideal place for me to use my excess energy" she said smiling

"Excess energy?" the Headmaster asked

"Yes you see with a normal vampire drinking human blood would satisfy your thirst and help you heal quicker while with me when I drink human blood it gives me a large energy boost which I have to burn off otherwise I can get very restless and since my body was used to killing a large amount of Level E's in such a short period of time my body would require a lot more Level E's to kill then I normally would need to" Keiko said

"What do you mean you'll get restless?" the Headmaster asked

"Well my body would have all that energy and if I don't burn it off I would be itching to kill someone regardless of who or what they are and I would eventually lose it and kill anyone who was near me when I lost it" Keiko said "So you can see why I had to leave" she said hoping the Headmaster would understand

"I'm not sure if I believe what you say it's pretty far fetched" the Headmaster said crossing his arms

'Damn it' Keiko thought 'How can I get them to believe me?' she thought while making sure she still appeared calm

"What she says is true" Kaname said finally speaking up

"How can you be so sure?" Zero said

"Because I've known Keiko for awhile and I've seen firsthand what she can do when she drinks human blood" Kaname said "Trust me it's something you don't want to see" he said remembering the times he'd seen Keiko go mad wanting to kill someone

"Well if Kaname says it's true I guess I'll believe you" the Headmaster said adjusting his glasses

"Thank you" Keiko said standing up "You have my word I will never attack and drink the blood of any of the Day Class students" she said putting a hand over her heart

"Thank you" the Headmaster said

"Now if you will excuse us" Keiko said heading towards the door with Kisa following "I'll see you tomorrow" Keiko walking out of the office with Kisa following and closing the door behind them.

 Keiko and Kisa then headed back towards the Sun Dorms.

* * * * *

 Kaname then left the Headmaster's office to go to class with Yuuki and Zero soon following to go on duty as guardians.

"So Keiko is the reason I'm here" Yagari said lighting a cigarette, leaning on the Headmaster's desk looking at the office door

"Huh?" the Headmaster asked confused

"Well the Hunter's Association sent me here cos' they had received information that a large amount of Level E's had appeared and disappeared very quickly here in the last few days they sent me here to find out why" Yagari said letting out a puff of smoke from his cigarette

"So that's why your here" the Headmaster said "I guess you'll be leaving now that you know the truth" he said adjusting his glasses

"No" Yagari said "I was asked to find out about what was causing the Level E's to disappear so quickly but I was also asked to find out if it was a threat to the Hunter's Association and if it was I was to destroy it" he said looking at the Headmaster

"I won't allow you to hurt one of my students" the Headmaster said in threatening voice, standing up from his desk

"Don't worry old man" Yagari said turning to face the Headmaster holding up his hands in surrender "I value my life to much to get on your bad side" Yagari said putting out his cigarette "Besides I didn't have any plans to kill Keiko I'm just going to watch and see if she is a threat to the humans of this school" he said

"Alright" the Headmaster said sitting back down.

* * * * *

 Keiko and Kisa arrived back at their room and Keiko went to sit on Kisa's bed, after taking off her shoes, to the left of the room.

"Why are you sitting on my bed?" Kisa asked confused taking her shoes off

"Come on Kisa I know that you want me to sleep here" Keiko said patting the spot next to her on the bed

"I guess you're right" Kisa said sitting next to Keiko "You know I don't like being alone" she said leaning her head on Keiko's left shoulder

"You remember when we first met?" Keiko asked

"Of course I would never forget that" Kisa said remembering the day she first met Keiko.

'Kisa was hiding behind some rocks as she saw a group of boys that were 5 years old the same age as her walk away from a house laughing.

"Did you see her face?" a boy said laughing

"Yeah that was hilarious" another boy said laughing

"She's such a cry baby" another one said laughing.

 The group of boys soon left still laughing when they were out of sight Kisa came out of hiding she wondered what happened she then walked up to the house that the boys came from she saw that the fence to the back garden was open she opened the gate and walked onto the pathway that was next to the house that lead to the garden when she got to the end of the short pathway she saw a girl, who's back was to her, who was the same age as her with long dark brown hair sitting on the the ground.

"Um" Kisa said nervously "Are you okay?" she asked

the girl with dark brown hair turned to face Kisa "Yeah" she said in a quiet voice

Kisa gasped when she looked at the girl she had clearly been crying and it looked like she had a few small bruises on her face "You can't be okay" Kisa said walking towards the girl

"Don't worry this is normal those boys bully me all the time" the girl said

"Why would they bully you?" Kisa asked sitting in front of the girl

"I don't know I've never been able to make friends and I've always been bullied" the girl said with a sad face

"Don't worry I'll be your friend" Kisa said putting a hand on the girls shoulder

"Really?" the girl asked with a happy face

"Yep" Kisa said smiling

"Thank you so much" the girl said hugging Kisa

"That's alright" Kisa said hugging the girl back "What's your name? I'm Kisa Akari" she said

the girl let go of Kisa "I'm Keiko Kurohana" she said smiling

"Nice to meet you Keiko" Kisa said smiling

"Same here Kisa" Keiko said "By the way I like what you did with your hair" she said pointing to the blonde highlight in Kisa's fringe

"Huh? oh thanks my sister did it for me" Kisa said smiling

"Your sister?" Keiko asked

"Yep! she did mine right after she did hers" Kisa said smiling

"Kisa! where are you?" a voice said

"That's my sister I should go" Kisa said sadly

"Okay see you tomorrow then?" Keiko asked standing up

"Yep!" Kisa said standing up as well

"There you are!" a voice said

Kisa turned round and saw her sister at the end of the pathway to the garden "Big sister!" Kisa said happily and ran up and hugged her sister.

 Keiko followed Kisa and saw that Kisa's sister looked to be 10 years old and had black shoulder length hair with a white highlight in her fringe and had water-blue eyes.

"Hi" Keiko said nervously

"Hello there what's your name?" Kisa's sister asked with a smile

"Keiko Kurohana what's yours?" Keiko asked

"I'm Yuki Akari it's very nice to meet you" Yuki said ruffling Keiko's hair "We'll see you later bye Keiko" Yuki said holding Kisa's hand and walking off

"Bye Keiko!" Kisa said waving goodbye as her sister walked her home'.

"You were my first friend" Keiko said smiling "It's funny to think after all we've been through we're still friends" she said thinking what about what has happened since they met

"Well I'm glad we're still friends" Kisa said

"It's funny how even after all we've been through I don't mind being alone but you hate being alone" Keiko said as she watched Kisa hug her

"I don't want to be alone" Kisa said hugging Keiko tighter "It reminds me of how my family was killed and makes me feel like nobody would care if I died"

"Don't worry you're not alone" Keiko said stroking Kisa's hair.

 She soon noticed Kisa had fallen asleep Keiko smiled and lied down with Kisa still hugging her side tightly.

"Good night" Keiko said quietly and closed her eyes.

OHHHHHHHHHHH! things are getting interesting Kisa had a sister? Will Yagari tell the Hunter's Association about Keiko? find out soon................

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