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My Vampire Knight Fanfic Chapter 12 Keiko's Gone Day 3

Here is my fanfics new chapter.

 The next morning Kisa woke up to her annoying alarm clock she turned it off and brushed her hair and teeth and got dressed in her uniform but instead of getting her books and running off to class Kisa walked out of her room empty handed and went out of the Sun Dorms and went into the forest.

"Class's are soooooo boring" Kisa said as she sat on the grass in front of a tree 'I want to do something more entertaining' she thought then she had an idea and she couldn't wait to put it into action and Kisa ran towards her destination.

* * * * *

 In the Moon Dorm everything was peaceful everyone was asleep except a certain pureblood who was lying in his bed thinking 'Yuuki was hurt that's not good' Kaname thought and turned to look at his window which had the curtains closed 'Then again Keiko did heal her' he thought 'Keiko you always seem to be willing to help people but you should be be careful Keiko you could accidentally let it slip what you really are' Kaname thought turning over to face the ceiling 'Come to think of it I haven't seen Keiko for a couple of days I wonder what's going on? maybe I could ask Kisa' he thought and sighed and closed his eyes trying to get some sleep.

* * * * *

 In Aidou and Akatsuki's room everything was quiet then Akatsuki got out of his bed and yawned Aidou heard him.

"What are doing Akatsuki?" Aidou asked rubbing his eyes and sitting up

"Just to get a drink I'm thirsty" Akatsuki said putting his hand on his throat

"Okay" Aidou said lying back down, Akatsuki left the room to get the Blood Tablets from downstairs, 'Geez what does it take to sleep peacefully around here' Aidou thought trying to get to sleep 'Well at least I haven't had those two bothering me for a few days' he thought happily

"HEEEEELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! PEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRVERRRRRRRT!!!!!!!!!!" Kisa sang happily sitting on Aidou's bed

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" Aidou screamed and fell out of his bed clutching his chest were his heart felt like it was going to explode from shock and saw Kisa lying on his bed dying of laughter "HOW THE HELL DID YOU GET IN HERE?!" Aidou shouted

"Through the door" Kisa said pointing at the bedroom door still laughing slightly

"You know that isn't what I meant! I mean how did you get into the Moon Dorm?!" Aidou shouted now sitting up and still feeling like he was gonna have a heart attack

"Through the front door" Kisa said now giggling

"STOP PLAYING AROUND AND TELL ME WHY YOU'RE HERE!" Aidou shouted his heart starting to calm down

"I was bored" Kisa said now sitting up on the bed

"What?!" Aidou asked thinking he heard her wrong

"Well right now I would be in class but it's so boooooooooring" Kisa getting off Aidou's bed "I wanted to do something entertaining and what better than teasing pervert" she said smiling Aidou

"FOR THE LAST TIME I'M NOT A PERVERT!" Aidou shouted now standing up

"Yes you are" Kisa sang in a mocking voice

"NO I'M NOT!" Aidou shouted

"What's this junk?" Kisa said ignoring Aidou and walking up to a glass cabinet filled with broken wine glasses and broken plates even a bent fork

"That's not junk! those are my most precious collection! those items were sacrificed when our Dorm President reveals his amazing powers" Aidou said proudly and Kisa could have sworn his nose grew longer

"So basically you collect the stuff Kaname takes his anger out on" Kisa said 'I bet there are even bits of broken window in here' she thought

"They are so much more than that!" Aidou shouted

"You really are obsessed with Kaname" Kisa said leaning on the wall left of the glass cabinet 'I wonder if you fancy him' Kisa thought then shook her head repulsed at the thought

"I really admire him!" Aidou said with pride in his voice

"No you're obsessed and here's the proof" Kisa said pointing at the cabinet 'But not for much longer' she thought evilly Kisa then put her left hand behind the cabinet and pushed and the cabinet came crashing down to the floor and landed with a loud crash with everything inside smashed including the glass from the cabinet "Whoops! clumsy me" Kisa said smiling innocently

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Aidou shouted, kneeling on the floor where the cabinet lay, mourning over his collection

"See if you weren't obsessed with Kaname you wouldn't be mourning over a load of junk" Kisa said not caring Aidou was sad

"I'M GONNA KILL YOU!" Aidou shouted and aimed a punch at Kisa's face but she dodged and ran towards the door and opened it

"Catch me if you can!" Kisa sang and ran out of the door with Aidou in hot pursuit.

 Kisa ran through the hallways laughing with Aidou chasing her and shouting at her and calling her things you don't even wanna know. Kisa then saw Akatsuki.

"Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiincomiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!" Kisa shouted as she ran and Akatsuki just managed to move out of the way in time

"JUST YOU WAIT TILL I GET MY HANDS ON YOU!" Aidou shouted as he ran past Akatsuki

"Hanabusa wait!" Akatsuki shouted, realizing his cousin was chasing a human and he could reveal he's vampire, but Aidou was already gone so he gave chase

* * * * *

 Kaname woke up hearing shouting he listened to try and identify the voices.

"I'M GONNA RIP YOUR THROAT OUT!" a male voice shouted, which Kaname recognised as Aidou

"I'd like to see you try!" a female voice shouted and then laughed, the voice Kaname didn't recognise as a member of a Night Class so he thought harder and then it hit him

"Kisa!" Kaname half shouted and he leapt out of bed and started running toward where the voices were.

* * * * *

 Kisa continued to run through the hallways laughing 'This is so much fun' Kisa thought as Aidou continued to chase her they soon reached the stairs that went into the Drawing Room. Kisa then stood on the railing that overlooked the Drawing Room.

"You're so slow" Kisa said laughing at Aidou who had caught up to her a little out of breath

"SHUT UP!" Aidou shouted and pushed Kisa who then lost her balance and started to fall

"NO!" Kaname and Akatsuki shouted, who had just arrived and witnessed what Aidou did, Akatsuki tryed to grab Kisa but she had fallen out of his reach.

 Aidou and Akatsuki watched in horror as Kisa fell as she neared the floor they closed their eyes and turned their heads away expecting to hear a horrible crunch, before Kisa landed on the ground she flipped in the air so instead of landing on her back she landed on her feet as her feet hit the ground she bent her knees Kisa then jumped up and grabbed hold of the chandelier that was a few feet away from where Aidou and Akatsuki were standing, when Aidou and Akatsuki didn't hear Kisa land on the floor they looked down and saw nothing and then they looked up and saw Kisa hanging from the chandelier smiling.

"Made ya loooook" Kisa sang in a mocking voice.

 All 3 vampire's were speechless while Kisa just started laughing, Aidou and Akatsuki were speechless over what they had just seen, Kaname was speechless cos' he remembered something.

'Kaname and Keiko were walking through an abandoned town, it had been abandoned a few months ago for unknown reasons, when they heard Kisa.

"Hey guys come look at what I found" Kisa said waving at them

"What is it?" Keiko asked following her friend into an abandoned building with Kaname following behind her

"Look at this" Kisa said pointing into a gigantic hole in the floor of the building that split it in half

"Whoa!" Keiko said kneeling in front of the hole

"Whoa!... Whoa!.... Whoa!....... whoa" they heard the echo reply

"Man that is deep" Kisa said looking into the whole

"Sure is" Keiko said standing up and taking a few steps back

"Shall we get going" Kaname said

"Okay" Keiko said walking towards Kaname

"Wait! wait look at this" Kisa said facing Keiko and Kaname "Ahhhh! I'm falling!" Kisa said pretending that she was falling she and Keiko started laughing when suddenly the ground Kisa was standing on collapsed and she fell

"KISA!" Kaname shouted and rushed to the edge of the hole and knelt down "KISA!" Kaname shouted

"KISA!.... Kisa!.... Kisa!..... Kisa!..... kisa" the echo replied but no reply from Kisa

"Made ya loooook!" sang a female mocking voice from behind Kaname said Kaname turned round and saw Keiko and Kisa dying of laughter "I knew that would fool you" Kisa said happily

"You never change do you?" Kaname said standing up

"Yep!" Keiko and Kisa said happily'.

Kaname eyes widened as he remembered Kisa 'Of course how could I forget her!' Kaname thought as he remembered his past experiences with Kisa.

"Just like old times huh?" Kaname said smiling

"Huh?" Kisa said looking at Kaname smiling "You mean you remember me?" she said hopefully and Kaname nodded "Yay! I knew you would remember I can't wait till Keiko hears about this" Kisa said happily

"You know each other?" Akatsuki asked

"Yep! Kaname is Keiko's and my old friend" Kisa said smiling

"Really?" Aidou asked in disbelief

"Really" Kaname replied still smiling happy that he remembered a good friend of his

 Kisa then turned round still holding unto the chandelier and lifted her body up and hooked her legs onto the chandelier and she let her hands go and was now hanging upside down looking at Aidou, Akatsuki and Kaname unfortunately this action made Kisa's skirt fly up Akatsuki quickly looked away while Aidou just watched but instead of seeing Kisa's underwear he saw a pair of black shorts.

"Are you disappointed pervert?" Kisa teased and started laughing

"What are you talking about?!" Aidou shouted "I wasn't looking" he said looking at Akatsuki who was now looking at Kisa

"Yes you were" Kisa sang "And so you were you" she said pointing at Kaname

"That's only because I know that whenever you wear a skirt you always wear shorts with it" Kaname said

"So you really have remembered" Kisa said crossing her arms over her chest

"Wait! Wait! Wait! Waaaaaait!" Aidou shouted "How did you survive that fall?" he asked now looking at Kisa

"Technically you pushed me" Kisa said

"That's besides the point how did you survive you're a human!" Aidou shouted

Kisa replied just by laughing "What a complete idiot!" Kisa said and continued laughing

"What's so funny?" Aidou asked getting annoyed

"Calm down Hanabusa" Akatsuki said putting a hand on his cousin's shoulder

"You honestly still think I'm human?" Kisa asked giggling

Aidou's eyes widened in surprise "You're not" he asked

"Finally" Kisa said in a exhausted voice "You sure are slow" she said shaking her head

"Well Kisa you are in the Day Class so he's not going to immediately notice you're not human" Kaname said

"That's true I guess but still you think he would have noticed when Keiko swung him round" Kisa said giggling at the thought "Do you really believe that a normal human would've been able to do that?" Kisa asked

"I guess not" Aidou said looking at the floor

"Really? cos' I can" Kisa said smiling "Keiko said that breaking cookies takes more effort than swinging you around" she said laughing

"GRRRRRRRRRRR! I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!" Aidou shouted and began to form ice shards in his right hand

"Aidou!" Kaname said sternly eyes glowing blood red "You are not allowed to hurt the Day Class students" the pureblood said glaring at Aidou

"Yes Lord Kaname" Aidou said, the ice shards disappearing, terrified of the pureblood

"I still say Keiko is more frightening than you" Kisa said uncrossing her arms and letting them dangle above her head

"That I can not deny" Kaname said smiling, his eyes now back to normal

"Well I better go before pervert really does lose it" Kisa said pulling herself up and holding onto the chandelier with her hands and then let her legs go so she was hanging from her hands again, facing away from everyone, and hung there remaining still for bit as the blood came down from her head

"Call me that one more time and I really will kill you" Aidou said just on the edge of insanity

"You're tempting me" Kisa said "But I'm not in the mood for a death wish today"

"You really are beginning to turn into Keiko you know Kisa" Kaname said thinking of how similar the two girls were

"Well when you've been friends for as long as we have you wouldn't be surprised that we started to act like each other" Kisa said

"You have a point there" Kaname said 'Just like how I act a bit like Keiko' he thought

"Well I'm leaving now bye pervert!" Kisa said and Aidou sent some ice shards towards Kisa but Kisa let go of the chandelier before the ice hit her as Kisa landed on the floor she started running towards the front door "Missed me missed me now ya gotta kiss me" Kisa sang in a mocking voice

"I'LL KILL YOU!" Aidou shouted but Kisa had already left and he was about to chase after her when Akatsuki grabbed the back collar of his pyjama shirt

"Leave it Hanabusa" Akatsuki said, letting go of Aidou's collar, walking back towards their room

"Okay" Aidou said following Akatsuki 'I've got mourning to do anyway' he thought of his beloved collection destroyed.

 Once they were gone Kaname was about to leave for his room when some of the Night Class appeared.

"What was all the racket Kaname?" said a vampire whose blonde hair was a few shades lighter than Hanabusa's and had bright green eyes

"Sounded like Aidou was trying to kill someone" said a vampire with light orange hair tied up into pigtails and blue eyes similar to cerulean

"Mmm" a vampire with mahogany hair and lightly-tinted blue eyes with a Pocky stick in his mouth agreed with the orange haired girl

"It's fine everyone" Kaname said

"Are you sure Lord Kaname?" Ruka asked

"Yes" Kaname said wanting to get some sleep

"Well let's go to bed then everyone" the blonde vampire said happily

"Okay" the orange haired vampire said walking back to her room with the mahogany haired vampire following behind her

"Night Kaname" the blonde vampire said cheerfully

"Night Ichijou" Kaname said, and Ichijou headed back for his room, and started to head back to is room when he heard Ruka's voice

"Lord Kaname why won't you tell us what happened?" Ruka asked desperate for answers

"Because there is no need for it" Kaname said and left Ruka alone and went back to his room

"Why won't you talk to anyone?" Ruka asked no one and the headed back to her room.

* * * * *

 Kisa was running happily from the Moon Dorm laughing enjoying the fun she had 'So glad I skipped class' Kisa thought as she walked out of the Moon Dorms gate. For the rest of the day Kisa spent her time wondering round Cross Academy and tryed not to get caught by the teachers or other students and she succeeded. It was now sunset and soon time for the Night Class to come out and Kisa decided she would just rest for a bit before she had to go back to her dorm so she went and sat under a nearby tree.

* * * * *

 Yagari entered the Headmaster's office and saw Zero and Yuuki there along with the Headmaster.

"What are you doing here Yagari?" the Headmaster asked with a smile

"I just noticed that Kisa wasn't around today and I was wondering why" Yagari replied thinking that Kisa was up to something

"Zero and Yuuki told me the same thing" the Headmaster said

Yagari was about to ask something when someone knocked on the door "Come in" the Headmaster said and Kaname walked into the office

"You wanted to see me Headmaster?" Kaname said and noticed Yagari 'What's a Vampire Hunter doing here?' he thought

"Yes you see none of us have seen Kisa today and I was wondering if you had seen her?" the Headmaster asked

"Yes I have" Kaname said trying not to laugh at the thought of what happened earlier

"When" Yagari asked

"This morning in the Moon Dorm"

"Why was she there?" the Headmaster asked

"Seems Kisa was bored and thought it would be fun to tease Aidou" Kaname said 'It certainly was entertaining to watch' he thought

"Really?" Yagari asked not believing what he'd been told

"Yes Kisa did always like to tease vampires though she finds Vampire Hunters are the most fun to tease" Kaname said remembering his past experiences with Kisa

"That I can believe" Zero said remembering the times Kisa had said he looked tasty

"By the way Kaname yesterday Kisa said that Keiko wasn't here do you know what she meant?" the Headmaster asked

"Not here? you mean Keiko isn't on the school grounds?" Kaname asked

"It seems that way" the Headmaster said

"I had no idea" Kaname said 'Then again Keiko does like to disappear' he thought

"Really?" the Headmaster said "So what should we do?"

"I think we should go and talk to Kisa I'm sure she's not hiding now" Kaname said turning to the door

"Good idea" the Headmaster said getting up from behind his desk.

 Everyone left the office and went looking for Kisa with Kaname leading the way 'Knowing you Kisa you would be near or in the forest' Kaname thought. They were soon outside walking around the edge of the forest and they soon spotted Kisa sitting under a tree and Kaname could see Kisa had a small smile on her face.

"Reliving good times?" Kaname asked

"Yep" Kisa said opening her eyes "I was thinking of how much fun it was teasing pervert earlier" she said giggling and getting up

"You're going to call Aidou that for the rest of your life aren't you?" Kaname said

"Hell yeah" Kisa said happily

"You never change" Kaname said smiling

"Sorry to interrupt your conversation but I would like to ask you a question Kisa" the Headmaster said

"What is it Headmaster?" Kisa asked

"You said something about Keiko not being here what did you mean by that?"

"Oh" Kisa said 'Well there's no escaping it' she thought sighing in defeat "What I meant was that Keiko isn't here after we came round your house for dinner Keiko left that night"

"Why did Keiko leave?" the Headmaster asked

"I can't answer that" Kisa said afraid to answer them

"But I can" a mysterious voice said.

 Everyone turned round and their eyes widened as they saw a blood drenched Keiko with tears in her clothes with her eyes bright blood red. Yagari then pulled out his shotgun and fired at Keiko.

OHHHHHHHHHH! Things are getting interesting Keiko's back but where was she? why did Yagari shoot her? Find out soon...................

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