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My Vampire Knight Fanfic Chapter 11 Keiko's Gone Day 2

Here's the new chapter enjoy.

 The next morning Kisa woke up to the annoying sound of the alarm clock she turned it off and brushed her hair and teeth and got changed into her uniform grabbed her books and went to her classroom she got there just in time and went to her seat the teacher then came in and started the lesson 'This is going to be boring' Kisa thought. Later in the day they were half way through the last lesson of the day and Kisa was barely awake eventually her head fell on the desk and she fell asleep for five minutes till she heard the teacher shouting.

"KISA! Wake up!" the man shouted

"Huh?" Kisa said her head now off the desk

"Do you find my lesson that boring that you fall asleep?" the teacher said calmly, though you could tell he was angry

"Yes" Kisa answered with an emotionless voice, while rubbing her tired eyes

the teacher clenched his fist angrily about to reach breaking point "Would you prefer going to the Headmasters office?" he asked

"If it means getting out of this boring lesson then yeah" Kisa replied with a bored voice and she could hear some of the students giggling quietly

"THEN LEAVE!" the teacher shouted pointing towards the door

"Gladly" Kisa said picking up her books "See ya" she said as she walked out the door

"NOW LETS CARRY ON SHALL WE?" the teacher shouted and everyone silently agreed.

* * * * *

 As Kisa closed the classroom door she sighed 'What to do now?' Kisa thought she then decided she would go back to her room and do her homework, even though she would have preferred to do something else, as she reached her room she went in and put her books away and got out her homework and lay down on the floor and started working on it. An hour later Kisa was finished she then started drawing, without knowing what she was drawing, and when she finished she saw she had drawn a black wolf howling and a pack of dead wolves on the ground around the howling wolf Kisa then pictured the howling wolf as Keiko and the dead wolves the Level E's she had killed recently 'Yes Keiko has killed quite a lot of her own kind recently' Kisa thought remembering the events of the last few days.

'Behind the Level E was Keiko the creature saw her "Impossible....*cough*... you.... were.. killed *cough*" he managed to say while coughing up blood "I missed" Keiko said with a smile "Do you honestly believe I'm that easily killed?" she said her eyes glowing blood red and showing her fangs "Unlike you" she said swinging her arm that was in the creature away and the Level E went flying towards a tree and turned to dust upon impact with it.

Keiko smiled "Enough talk let's dance" she said her fingernails extending into sharp claws and her fangs lengthening then charging at the Level E's they then ran towards her one tried to slit her throat but she dodged and stabbed her hand through it's chest and hit it's heart it immediately turned to dust another tried to jump her but she dodged and attacked it from behind she then slit 3 of their throats at once.'

 Kisa thought 'Yes' at the memory of watching Keiko kill 'You have killed your own kind without regret' she thought looking at the wolf in her drawing and she knew it was not howling because it was mourning no it was howling in victory 'I have done the same' Kisa thought remembering what she had done.

'Kisa then stabbed it through it's chest and then pulled out it's heart and crushed it in her hand "Finally decided to join in Kisa" Keiko said while tearing off a Level E's head "I couldn't let you have all the fun" Kisa said cutting a Level E in half with her claws.

She knew what to do she then stabbed the Level E and pulled out it's heart and then crushed it 'I love doing this' she thought.'

 Kisa sighed at the thought 'Me and Keiko kill our own kind without regret the reason we don't regret it is cos' we know it's better for them to die than them having to be forced to keep living and keep on killing others again and again' Kisa thought sadly 'Then again we enjoy killing them I wonder if it's cos' the Level E's that come after us were sent by 'them' the ones we hate' she thought clenching her fists and her fangs extending at the thought of 'them' she then heard someone knocking at the door.

"Who is it?" Kisa asked

"It's me" Kisa heard the voice say and she recognised it to be Yuuki's voice

Kisa then walked to the door and opened it "How can I help you Yuuki?" she asked glad her fangs were no longer showing

"The Headmaster would like to see you" Yuuki said

"Oh okay" Kisa walking out of her room and closing the door and followed Yuuki to the Headmasters office.

* * * * *

 Zero entered the Headmasters office "What do you want Headmaster?" he asked annoyed

"Well hello Zero" the Headmaster said happily "Would you like some tea?" he asked with a silly smile

"No thank you" Zero replied quickly "Would you just tell me why you wanted to see me?" he asked wanting to leave

"Awwww! come on Zero have some tea!" the Headmaster whined

"I'm leaving" Zero said heading for the door

"Wait!" the Headmaster said now standing up "There is a reason I asked for you to come here there's someone who wants to see you" he said in a serious voice

"What?" Zero asked confused, facing the Headmaster

"Hello my dumb pupil" a deep voice behind Zero said that he immediately recognised

"Master" Zero said turning round to see his master leaning on the door frame "What do you want?" he asked

"That's how my pupil treats me not even a hello" Zero's master said closing the door and walking towards Zero and put his hand on his shoulder "Don't worry I'm not here to kill you" he said letting go of Zero's shoulder

"Oh yes Yagari what was it you came here for? you didn't tell me" the Headmaster asked with a smile

"Business from the Hunter's Association" Yagari said lighting up a cigarette

"And what would that be?" Zero asked but before Yagari could answer the office door opened and Yuuki and Kisa walked in

"We're here Headmaster!" Yuuki said happily

while Kisa's eyes widened as she saw the man with the cigarette 'It's him!' she thought and Kisa growled at the man "What do you want?" Kisa demanded of him

"Do I know you?" Yagari asked confused as to why this girl was acting this way towards him

"You don't remember me?" Kisa asked and Yagari nodded "Well then maybe you should take a closer look at this" Kisa said and pointed at the red scar over her right eye

Yagari looked at her scar and suddenly it hit him "You!" he half shouted.

'Yagari was running through a dark forest at night chasing after a group of Level E's he then saw a cloaked figure jumping from tree to tree and he shot at it and he heard the figure cry out in pain and fall from the tree's he ran to where the figure landed and he saw it on the ground clutching it's right side with it's left hand the figure then turned it's head to look at him and he saw the figure's hood had got torn and he saw an angry dark brown eye looking at him with a red scar over it's eye he then pointed his gun at the figure's head.

"DON'T YOU DARE!" he heard a voice shout and Yagari was suddenly jumped by another cloaked figure that pinned him to the ground and threw his gun away "Don't you dare hurt my friend!" the figure shouted at him and he saw the figure looking at him with blood red eyes "Your lucky I'm not in the mood for killing now and never ask questions tonight" the figure said and got off him the figure then went towards the one he'd shot "Kisa are you okay?" the figure asked in a concerned voice

"I'm fine" the figure said standing up "I'm just a bit surprised over what happened"

"Okay" the figure said putting the wounded figure's arm over it's neck and put a hand round it's back and held onto it's unwounded side "If you ever hurt my friend again I will not hesitate to kill you" the figure said glaring at him with it's blood red eyes and then the figure disappeared along with it's friend.'

 Yagari then took his shotgun and then pointed it at Kisa, Yuuki gasped in shock, while Zero's eyes widened in surprise 'Master knows Kisa?' he thought.

"So you do remember me?" Kisa said she then touched the place where he had shot her "It hurt you know" Kisa said smiling evilly

"Kisa what are doing here?" Yagari asked itching to pull the trigger

"I could ask you the same thing" Kisa said walking over and leaned against the Headmasters desk "And isn't it nice that you remembered my name" she said smiling at him

"Yagari! your not allowed to shoot students!" the Headmaster said taking Yagari's shotgun

"Headmaster why did you allow her to be here?!" Yagari asked furiously slamming his hands on the desk

"There's nothing wrong with her being here" the Headmaster said leaning back in his chair "Though it was a surprise to learn that they were vampires" he said

"They?" Yagari asked confused

"My friend Keiko the one who said she would kill you if you ever hurt me again" Kisa said smiling

"That vampire is here?!" Yagari shouted

"Not at the moment" Kisa then covered her mouth with her hand realising she shouldn't have said that

"What?" Yagari and the Headmaster asked

"Oh no this isn't good I have to go!" Kisa said and ran out of the office

"Wait Kisa!" Yuuki shouted but Kisa was already long gone

"Master how do you know Kisa?" Zero asked

"One time while I was out hunting a group of Level E's in a forest I saw a cloaked figure leaping from tree to tree and I shot it the figure was Kisa who I believed was a Level E and when I raised my gun to point at her head another cloaked figure came out of nowhere and jumped me and yelled at me for shooting it's friend and said if I hurt Kisa again it would kill me" Yagari said

"Was the other cloaked figure Keiko?" Yuuki asked

"I wouldn't know all I saw was the figure's blood red eyes but I guess that when I meet Keiko I'll know if it was the cloaked figure" Yagari said "By the way what did Kisa mean that Keiko's not here?" he asked taking his gun back from the Headmaster

"I would like to know that too" the Headmaster said standing up "Do you know anything?" he asked Zero and Yuuki

"Huh? umm well" Yuuki said but was interrupted by Zero

"No we don't" Zero said giving Yuuki a look that said 'don't-say-anything' Zero then grabbed Yuuki's arm "We're going on duty Headmaster" he said and left the office with Yuuki.

* * * * *

 Kisa arrived back at her dorm room a bit out of breath, having ran the whole way from the Headmaster's office, 'Man this isn't good I didn't know he was going to be here' Kisa thought 'Keiko please come back soon I don't want to get shot again' Kisa thought lying down on her bed and looked at the drawing she had done earlier.

* * * * *

 Zero and Yuuki were outside patrolling the grounds.

"Zero why did you tell them we didn't know Keiko is gone?" Yuuki asked

"I don't know I just had an urge to protect Keiko and Kisa from my Master" Zero said "Man what is happening to me I'm protecting vampires" he said lightly laughing

"Maybe it's cos' Keiko and Kisa share a similar past to you and you sympathise with them" Yuuki said and she saw Zero freeze

"I'm going to patrol the rest of the grounds" Zero said and walked off

"Zero wait!" Yuuki said but Zero was already gone.

OHHHHHHH! things are getting interesting how will Keiko react when she see's Yagari? and why did Zero protect Keiko and Kisa? Find out soon............

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