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My Vampire Knight Fanfic Chapter 1 New Girls

Now this my Vampire Knight fanfic which I don't have a name for now this doesn't follow any of the plot from the anime or manga this is just my own version of it so please enjoy.

 Two girls appeared at the gate of Cross Academy they were both 15 one girl had long dark brown hair that fell down her back and had brown eyes the other had black hair that fell just a little below her shoulders with a blonde highlight in her fringe and had dark brown eyes with a red scar over her right eye and they both had the Day Class uniform on.

"So this is Cross Academy?" the girl with the dark brown hair asked

"Yep" the girl with the black hair answered

"It's bigger than I thought" the girl with dark brown hair said with some surprise in her voice

"Sure is big" said the girl with black hair staring with amazement at the school "By the way why do I have to carry the bags?!" the girl whined

"Cos' you lost at Rock, Paper Scissors" answered the girl with dark brown hair with a smile

"I never beat you!" the girl whined some more "I swear you cheat Keiko"

"No you just suck Kisa" Keiko replied sticking her tongue out

"Hey! that's not cool!" Kisa shouted

Keiko just laughed and eventually Kisa joined in.

 Keiko and Kisa went through the gate and walked to the school and headed for the Headmasters office when they arrived at the office door Keiko knocked "Come in" they heard from the other side and they walked in and they saw a man with spectacles with straw colored hair in a ponytail sitting behind a desk and two students standing in front of the desk also wearing the Day Class uniform one was a boy with silver hair and lilac eyes who looked 16 and next to him was a girl who had shoulder length brown hair and eyes a few shades darker than her hair who looked 15 once Keiko and Kisa were in the office Kisa put their bags down by the door.

"Ahh welcome you must be the new Day Class students I'm Headmaster Kaien Cross" the man with straw coloured hair said with a cheery voice and an idiotic smile on his face

"Yes I'm Keiko Kurohana and this is my friend Kisa Akari" Keiko said politely even though she was thinking 'This guy seems like a BIG idiot is he really a famous Vampire Hunter?'

"Welcome to Cross Academy! Keiko and Kisa!" the girl with short brown hair shouted with a big smile 'Is she an idiot too or just friendly?' Keiko thought

"Ahh yes this is my daughter Yuuki and this my son Ze-" *BANG* the Headmaster was interrupted by a fist slamming into the desk and nearly breaking it in half

"YOU MAY HAVE RAISED ME BUT I NEVER AGREED TO BECOME YOUR SON!" the silver haired boy shouted at the top of his lungs with his fist still in the desk

"Whoa chill out hothead! Ya need a hug?" Keiko said and Kisa just burst out laughing and so did Yuuki

"WHAT?!" the silver haired boy turned around and took his fist out of the desk and shouted with anger you could feel with your hands coming from him, Kisa and Yuuki continued laughing even the Headmaster joined in

"Whoa! not so loud!" Keiko said covering her ears "I've got sensitive hearing and can't you take a joke old man" Keiko said with a smile and everyone started laughing even harder

"SHUT THE HELL UP!" the boy shouted even louder if possible

"I will if you tell me your name and stop shouting" Keiko said with complete honesty and everyone stopped dying of laughter

"Fine! I'm Zero Kiryuu" the boy said with some anger still in his voice

"That's better and it's very nice to meet you Zero and you shouldn't take your anger out on the desk it didn't do anything to you" Keiko said walking up to the desk "Now lets see here... ah here we go" Keiko said in a cheerful voice then *BANG* she slammed her hands on opposite ends of the desk fixing it "There! that's that fixed" Keiko said while dusting off her hands

"Wow! Thank you Keiko" Headmaster Cross said while looking at the desk with amazement

"Welcome" Keiko said with a smile "Happy to help"

"Now that's done with Yuuki, Zero why don't you show Keiko and Kisa around?" Headmaster Cross said with his idiotic smile again

"Of course Headmaster!" Yuuki said with a big smile

"Ohhhh Yuuuuuuukiiiiiiii why won't you call me Father!" Headmaster said while bursting out into tears 'Somone get a bucket' Keiko thought

"Sorry Hea- I mean Father" Yuuki said with some difficulty

"OHHH Yuuuuuukiiiiiii you make me sooooooo happy!" the Headmaster sang while dancing around the office

"Quick lets leave before he stops dancing" Zero said heading for the door

"I agree" Keiko and Kisa said at once

 Kisa quickly grabbed their bags by the door and they all quickly left the office and were shown around the school by a cheerful Yuuki and a bored Zero "Hey Yuuki could you show us our room I don't think I can carry these bags for much longer" Kisa said while struggling with the bags "Oh sure we're near the Sun Dorms anyway" Yuuki said pointing to the dorm "Thanks" Kisa said while thinking 'Thank God for that' Yuuki then showed them to their room while Zero stayed outside it being the girls dorm anyway when they got to their room Kisa immediately dropped the bags by the beds.

"That's so much better I thought my arms were going to fall off" Kisa said while rubbing her aching shoulders

"That will teach you not to over pack" Keiko said while separating her bags from Kisa's

"Hey that's not nice!" Kisa whined while Keiko just stuck her tongue out

"Eh heh heh heh heh" Yuuki laughed nervously "Are you two okay?" Yuuki asked with concern

"Huh yeah we're fine we're just having some fun" Keiko said with a smile

"Well that's good OH! I better get going the Night Class are going to come out soon you can come if you want?" Yuuki said realising the time

"Night Class?" Keiko said with confusion then thought for a moment "Oh yes now I remember this school is separated between the Day Class and the Night Class and that the Night Class is suppose to be very beautiful and that there are prefects to make sure the Day Class don't bother the Night Class am I right?" Keiko asked "I'm also guessing you're a prefect due to that armband" Keiko said while pointing at the armband Yuuki was wearing

"Wow you're well informed and you are right I am a prefect and so is Zero we are also called the Disciplinary Committee or Guardians we are the only members though so it's hard work" Yuuki said sighing "So do you want to see the Night Class?" Yuuki asked

"What do you think Kisa?" Keiko asked looking at Kisa lying on her bed

"Sure might as well see what all the fuss is about" Kisa said getting up

"Okay lets go!" Yuuki said in her cheerful voice

 So they all left to go to the Moon Dorm when they got there they saw probably every girl from the Day Class there and one boy 'Weirdo wonder if he's a stalker?' Keiko thought "Alright get back everyone!" Yuuki shouted and started pushing the Day Class into two separate groups in order to make a path for the Night Class to get through but she was clearly struggling then suddenly Zero showed up and stood in front of one of the groups of girls and that group went quiet and didn't even try to step in front of him "They're clearly afraid of hothead" Keiko whispered to Kisa who then began to snigger and so did Keiko but then Zero looked at them and they just acted normal and they saw Yuuki still struggling to keep the girls at bay then suddenly the gate opened and the Night Class come out and the girls got even more lively and started shouting.



"Ruka!" the one boy shouted waving a love letter.

 'Man the Night Class sure is popular it's clear they don't know they're vampires' Keiko thought then a boy with gold-blonde hair and water-blue eyes started flirting with the girls then the girls went even more crazy then a boy with short wavy strawberry blonde hair and amber eyes tried to pull the blonde boy away from the girls "Come on lets go Hanabusa" the boy said "Awwwww you're no fun Akatsuki!" the blonde boy complained but soon the amber eyed boy dragged him away from the girls and the Night Class continued walking to Class until one student stopped to talk to Yuuki and you could see Zero was not happy neither were most of the Day and Night Class when Keiko got a better look at him her eyes widened in surprise 'It's him!' she thought the student then waved good bye to Yuuki and then walked away with the rest of the Night Class but they all stopped when they reached Keiko and Kisa for they were in their way for them to get to class then the student that was talking to Yuuki who had very dark brown hair and garnet eyes walked towards Keiko and Kisa.

"Is something wrong?" He asked

"Kaname Kuran" Keiko said with a slightly angry voice.

OHHHHHHH! how does Keiko know Kaname and that Kaien is a vampire hunter and the Night Class's secret! FIND OUT SOON.............

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