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My Vampire Knight Fanfic Chapter 6 Once Human

Here is my fanfic's new chapter enjoy.

 Keiko then began to explain the story to the Headmaster who was paying full attention to her, Kaname and Zero were listening to the parts that they didn't see, Yuuki was listening too even though she knew what happened, though Kisa just zoned out and was waiting for the story to be over to pay attention again, once she finished her story the Headmaster adjusted his glasses.

"So if this is all true why aren't you in the Night Class?" the Headmaster asked still in his serious voice

"Well me and Kisa wanted to be seen as human and not looked upon with disgust" Keiko said then turned to face her friend "Oh that reminds me Kisa when you asked me why I wanted to be in the Day Class another reason is cos' blood doesn't really show on the Day Class uniform" she said pointing at her uniform while Kisa just burst out laughing, Zero then pointed his gun at Keiko's head, Yuuki and the Headmaster gasped in surprise, while Kaname was unaffected but was thinking 'You're always like this Keiko you really will NEVER change', Kisa then stopped laughing and growled at Zero.

"I know what you're thinking Zero" Keiko said turning to face him the gun now pointing in between her eyes "You think I said that because I was planning on attacking the Day Class well I wasn't I was planning on killing Level E's" Keiko said and saw Zero lowering his gun "We are similar you and I" she said then seeing Zero smirk

"I seriously doubt it" Zero said putting his gun away 'I'm nothing like you VAMPIRE!' he thought

"We are Zero me and Kisa were once human like you" Keiko said, Zero's eyes widening in surprise "Me and Kisa never chose to become what we are now it happened right after our attackers killed our entire family at first we hated what we were but we soon accepted it's what we are now and it has become very handy at times being what we are now" Zero turned away

"You were human?" Yuuki asked surprised

"Once" Kisa said 'I finally got to say something' she thought

"But that time is long gone" Keiko said feeling a little sad "Anyway Headmaster me and Kisa would like to remain in the Day Class please?" Keiko asked hoping he would let them

"I don't kn-" the Headmaster was interrupted by Zero's shouting 'Here we go' Keiko thought

"You can not let them remain in the Day Class!" Zero shouted absolutely furious

"They let you remain in the Day Class" Keiko said while Kisa sniggered

"SHUT UP!" Zero shouted tempted to shot the girl

"Bite me" Keiko said while thinking 'I'm surprised this guy doesn't lose his voice from all the shouting he does'

"WHY YOU LITTLE!" Zero shouted about to punch Keiko but was held back by Yuuki

"Calm down Zero!" Yuuki shouted struggling to restrain Zero he did eventually calm down

"I have an idea Headmaster" Keiko said hoping he would agree

"What is it?" the Headmaster asked still acting seriously

"How about over the next week me and Kisa stay in the Day Class and have Zero and Yuuki keep an eye on us to make sure we behave to prove we can act normal around humans" Keiko said looking at the Headmaster

"I think that is a good idea" the Headmaster said smiling but still acting serious he then looked at Zero and Yuuki "Do you agree to this?" he asked looking at the two prefects

"Sure Headmaster!" Yuuki said enthusiastically and saluting

"Okay but one slip up and you're gone" Zero said glaring at the girls

"Oh yay a challenge!" Kisa said happily and hugged her friend from behind

"Is that glare suppose to be frightening? Cos' I've seen bunny slippers that are more frightening than that" Keiko said with a straight face while her friend just let go of her and burst out laughing and started hitting the wall

"THAT'S IT!" Zero said then aimed a punch at Keiko's face but she dodged but grabbed his wrist with one hand and flipped him over her shoulder onto the ground she then put her foot on his shoulder while still holding his wrist in her hand, Yuuki and the Headmaster were shocked from what they saw, Kaname just smiled and thought 'Shame it's not me beating him up', Kisa stopped laughing and hitting the wall and saw Zero and chuckled at the sight, Zero was shocked over what happened nobody had ever done this to him not even Kaname 'She certainly is strong this is going to be a problem' he thought, Keiko then let go of Zero's wrist and removed her foot

"So uncool" Keiko and Kisa said together looking at Zero still lying on the floor

"Shut up" Zero said getting up

"Also Headmaster I think me and Kisa should be prefects too" Keiko said turning round to face the Headmaster

"What?!" everyone shouted in surprise except Kisa

"Well me and Kisa have proved we know how to defend ourselves, we know the Night Class's secret and you only have two prefects that's Yuuki and Zero don't you think it would be easier with more help?" Keiko said being very serious

"Well I can agree with that hmmm what do you think?" the Headmaster asked Yuuki, Zero and Kaname

"It would be great to have more help" Yuuki said "But we do stay up all night could you take that?" she asked the girls

"Don't worry we're born night people!" Kisa said with a smile

"I think it's a good idea" Kaname said while thinking 'It would make sure that they wouldn't wander around and cause hell for the Night Class'

"I'm fine with it as long as they don't bother me" Zero said agreeing with everyone else

"Alright you can be prefects as long as you can prove you can remain in the Day Class" the Headmaster said and saw Yuuki and Zero nod in approval

"Okay then deal" Keiko said holding out her hand and the Headmaster shook it "Now I don't know about you lot but boy am I tired over what has happened come on Kisa lets go back to our room" Keiko said walking towards the office door

"Okay" Kisa said then followed her friend and they then walked out of the office and back to the Sun Dorms.

* * * * *

 Zero then walked out of the Headmasters office saying he was going back on duty and Yuuki followed after him but Kaname remained in the office as the Headmaster wanted to have a word with him.

"Is there a problem Headmaster?" Kaname asked curious as to why he wanted to talk to him

"No I was just wondering how you met Keiko I mean she doesn't seem to be the type you would be friends with"

"Oh that well I met her when I was wandering around a small town that had been destroyed and nobody lived there anymore and she was there among the ruin apparently she lived there and she was the only survivor from what happened and she asked if she could go with me and I said yes and we've been friends since"

"Really?" the Headmaster said "And Kisa?" he asked adjusting his glasses

"I'm not sure I don't remember her yet but Keiko says I do know her so I trust Kisa since Keiko never lies to her friends"


"I need to go now Headmaster and make sure the Night Class is behaving they are probably still in a stir after smelling Keiko's blood" Kaname said heading towards the door

"Of course" the Headmaster said and Kaname left 'Who are you two really?' he wondered thinking of Keiko and Kisa.

* * * * *

 When Kaname got back to class the Night Class were barely restraining themselves from charging out of class to find the source of the smell of blood "Everyone calm down" the pureblood said calmly upon hearing his voice the vampires calmed down but the red didn't fade from their eyes.

"Who did the blood belong to?" Aidou asked

"That doesn't matter everything has been sorted out now" Kaname said heading towards his seat

"But!" Aidou was interrupted by Kaname's glare

"I said it doesn't matter" Kaname said calmly but with eyes blood red

"Of course Lord Kaname" Aidou said obeying the pureblood.

 The red then faded from everyone's eyes and they continued with class.

* * * * *

 Keiko was in her and Kisa's room sitting on her bed in her pyjamas sewing up the hole in her school shirt Kisa then came out of the bathroom in her pyjamas.

"I see you're mending the hole in your shirt" Kisa said looking at what her friend was doing

"Yep it is handy knowing how to sew when things like this happen I mean look at this" Keiko said putting her shirt down and holding up her school jacket "His hand went right through!" she said looking at the two holes in the front and back of her jacket and Kisa quietly laughed due to people sleeping

"Speaking of right through how is your wound?" Kisa asked having stopped laughing

"Hmmm oh that's long ago healed it's been awhile since I've had an enemy pierce my heart" Keiko said continuing to mend the hole in her shirt

"Sure has" Kisa said then sitting on her bed "So it was 'them' that sent those Level E's?" she asked and her friend nodded "What did you see when you drank that Level E's blood?" Kisa asked curious to know what her friend saw

"Well I saw the Level E's gathered and the person they referred to as 'master' had said he wanted us to be killed and that the Level E's weren't allowed to fail they would either die here or there" Keiko said smiling and thinking 'They are so determined to kill us'

"They are relentless aren't they? I mean they've been trying to kill us for so long now" Kisa said lying down on her bed

"Yes I don't think they'll ever stop until they witness our last breath and make sure their smiles are the last things we see as the white fades from our eyes" Keiko said putting down her now mended shirt and started on her jacket

"Are we talking about 'them' or you?" Kisa asked raising an eyebrow Keiko just chuckled

"Why 'them' of course" Keiko said smiling at her friend

"I know that I just wanted to make a joke" Kisa said looking at her friend "Hey what day is it tomorrow?" she asked she saw her friend stop sewing for a sec and think and say before continuing to sew


"Oh good how about you and I go explore the nearby town tomorrow?" Kisa said hoping her friend would agree

"Sure I could do with some fresh air" Keiko said while thinking 'Besides I need to know if there's any Level E's wandering around'

"Oh yay thanks Keiko!" Kisa jumping off her bed and gave her friend a hug

"Whoa! careful I nearly stabbed you with the sewing needle" Keiko said surprised at her friends actions

"That's okay even if you had and anybody asked I would say it was an acupuncture mark" Kisa said and Keiko just laughed but tried not to laugh too loud and Kisa joined in

"Okay enough with the jokes now go to bed cos' if you don't we're not going to town" Keiko said prying her friend off her

"Okay I'm tired anyway" Kisa said then climbed into her bed "Aren't you going to bed too?" she asked looking at her friend

"When I finish this" Keiko said holding up her jacket to her friend

"Okay night Keiko" Kisa said turning to face the wall and was soon asleep

"Night Kisa" Keiko said while thinking 'Man you were tired' she chuckled at the thought.

OHHHHH! Things are getting interesting Keiko and Kisa were once human? and how will their day in town go? find out soon......

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