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My Vampire Knight Fanfic Chapter 4 Time of Dying?

Here is chapter 4 of my Vampire Knight fanfic.

 "Tell me" Kaname said anger clear in his voice his eyes turning blood red the window behind him cracking even more

"Naughty boy" Keiko said shaking her head in disapproval "You should control your temper" she said poking Kaname in the forehead

"He's always been like this hasn't he?" Kisa said chuckling

"Some people or should I say vampires never change" Keiko said her eyes going back to normal and hiding her fangs again

"The same goes for you" Kaname said the red gone from his eyes "Now tell me why you're here" he said his voice calm again

"You know Kaname I like your little sister Yuuki" Keiko said with playfulness in her eyes

"What?!" Kaname shouted "How do you know Yuuki is m-" Kaname was interrupted by Keiko's voice

"Come on Kaname you know me? When nothing interesting comes to me I look for something interesting" she said

"Don't worry though we don't plan to tell anyone who she really is Kaname" Kisa said looking at Kaname with a smile

"Yes we won't tell" Keiko said glancing at Kisa "You are my old friend Kaname and you know I don't betray my friends" she said being serious

"I guess that's true I know you and that you never betray friends" Kaname said "Funny you still consider me your friend even after all this time" he said with a smile

"You'll always be my friend Kaname" Keiko said smiling at her old friend "Come on let's go now Kisa" she said walking to the door with Kisa

"Wait! you still haven't told me what you're here for" Kaname said standing up

"Ahhhh come on Kaname you know this a game is never fun if it ends to early it's so much more fun if nobody knows what your true goal is" Keiko said then walked out of the office with Kisa and they quickly walked out of the Moon Dorm

"That was fun wasn't it?" Kisa said, both her and Keiko now outside walking back to the school before lunch break ended, looking at Keiko

"Yeah it was" Keiko said looking at the sky "How many times do you think they have to replace windows cos' of Kaname's temper?" she asked looking back at her friend

Kisa started laughing "Probably every week" Kisa said still laughing

Keiko joined in laughing "You're probably right" she said both having stopped laughing "Come on let's go before the next class starts" Keiko said grabbing her friends hand

"Alright" Kisa said following her friend back to class.

* * * * *

 Kaname sat back down in his chair and thought about what Keiko said 'You really haven't changed at all Keiko I'm surprised, I still remember the day I first met you'.

 'Kaname was walking alone along some ruined homes that had been destroyed a few months ago by unknown attackers he was drawn to a scent that smelled like life that somehow was clear among the other scents of blood, death and burnt flesh and he wondered why the scent would be among a place like this since no human came here after it was destroyed it not even vampires came here he then saw a girl sitting on some debris it looked like she was waiting for something or someone she was covered in blood some of it looked like her own but the rest he wasn't sure he came closer to her and he could now see she was the source of the scent she then looked at him and said.

"Oh look somebody actually came here after what happened but I wasn't expecting it to be a pureblood vampire" she said climbing off the debris

his eyes widened in shock "How do you know I'm a vampire?" he asked still surprised

"I can sense that you are so what brings you here?" she asked with a smile

"Well I wondered why I could sense life here since this place became a wasteland after what happened" he answered "So why are you here?" he asked the girl

"I lived here before the incident here and I was the only survivor" she said looking at all the destruction

"So why are you still here?" he asked

"Well I was waiting for something but I don't think it's going to come and I also wanted to stay with my family a little longer" she said looking at the debris she was just sitting on "But I believe it's time to go now do you mind if I come with you sir?" she asked looking at Kaname

"Sure I don't mind" Kaname said surprised by her request

"Thank you sir!" she said with a smile "My name is Keiko by the way" she said looking at him

"I'm Kaname" he said looking at Keiko'.

 Kaname chuckled at the thought of the memory and he could remember it so clearly despite how long ago it happened.

* * * * *

 Once Keiko and Kisa got back to class the rest of the day passed rather slowly but once class was over Keiko and Kisa just went back to their dorm room instead of drooling over the Night Class like the rest of the girls and they did their homework and once they finished that it was early night time.

"Listen Kisa I know you've been rather bored today but listen there's a Level E wandering around nearby so you want to go have some fun?" Keiko said putting her finished homework away

"OH YEAH!" Kisa said leaping off the floor where she was doing her homework "Can I tear out the heart?" she said with sparkling eyes

"Sure I did it last time anyway" Keiko said standing up from the desk she was working at

"Yay!" Kisa said hugging her friend "Come on lets go" she said standing at the door

"I'm coming" Keiko said joining her friend at the door.

 Keiko and Kisa carefully snuck out of the Sun Dorm and wandered around trying to catch the scent of the Level E they walked into the forest finally catching the faint scent of the vampire but they then ran into Yuuki doing her job as a guardian.

"Ahhh Keiko, Kisa why are you wandering around at this time of night?" Yuuki asked them

"We were just enjoying a nice walk" Keiko said with a smile

"But it's night time are you two really here to look at the Night Class?" Yuuki said not buying their story

"I've always liked walking around at night I guess I could say the night time is my day time" Keiko said quickly glancing at the moon "Also Yuuki you saw how we were when we met the Night Class" Keiko said chuckling at the memory

"I guess that's true" Yuuki said looking at the pair 'You did clearly not like the Night Class but you seemed to know Kaname I wonder if you are an old girlfriend or something?' Yuuki thought "But you still shouldn't be out at night" she said pointing at Keiko and Kisa

"Don't worry we'll go back in a se-" Keiko was interrupted by seeing a figure leap at Yuuki and Keiko quickly tackled Yuuki out of the way they saw the figure and immediately knew what it was

"Level E" Kisa growled out the creature laughed like a madman it then saw Yuuki

"Blood..... blood.... smells... so..... good" the creature managed to growl out in its blood lust that's when Keiko saw the bandage on Yuuki's neck 'Bad night to give Zero your blood Yuuki' she thought and quickly got up and stood in a protective stance in front of Yuuki who was still on the ground terrified of the Level E "Blood" the creature growled out again

"Oh you want blood?" Keiko asked in a teasing voice she then revealed her fangs and then bit into the palm of her right hand and saw the blood ooze out of the wound "Come and get it" she beckoned.

 The creature then lunged at her but she dodged his attack then ran off the Level E in hot pursuit of her, "Keiko wait!" Kisa shouted she then grabbed Yuuki and ran off after her friend, Keiko was then out of the forest the Level E lunged at her again but she quickly turned round and punched him in the side of his throat and sent him flying but the creature just got up again 'Man he's strong' Keiko thought he then tried to stab her with his claws but she dodged again he kept trying the same attack again and again but she kept on dodging, Kisa and Yuuki then came out the forest and saw the fight "KEIKO!" Yuuki shouted out much to Kisa's surprise, Keiko having heard her name called out looked to where Kisa and Yuuki were and in that moment the Level E stabbed his hand through her chest right where her heart was she cried out in pain.

"Noooooo!" Kisa and Yuuki cried out having seen what just happened

"HA HA HA HA HA!" the Level E laughed out in victory his hand still in Keiko's chest

'Damn it' Keiko thought while coughing up a large amount of blood.

OHHHHH! Things are getting intense will Keiko die? What happened between after Keiko's family being murdered and Kaname meeting her? Find out soon......

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