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My Vampire Knight Fanfic Chapter 5 Massacre

Here is chapter 5 of my fanfic enjoy.

 The Level E then took it's hand out of Keiko's chest and she fell back and landed on the ground, blood quickly pooling around her body, still coughing up blood 'Can't believe I let this happen' she thought she then looked at Kisa and Yuuki and saw that Yuuki was terrified while Kisa was shocked over what just happened.

 * * * * *

 Zero was out patrolling looking to see that there were no Night Class or Day Class students wandering around while also thinking of how he had drunk Yuuki's blood only a couple hours ago 'Why can't I control myself I'm dis-' his thoughts were interrupted by a strong smell of blood he could tell it wasn't Yuuki's but she could still be in danger and he quickly ran towards where the scent was 'Yuuki please be alright' he thought while running.

* * * * *

 The Night Class were in their class quietly doing their work when they suddenly smelt blood and started getting excited while Kaname froze 'This smell I could never forget it for as long as I live... that's Keiko's blood and this scent is strong this is bad they might find out what she really is' Kaname thought panicking and quickly ran out of the classroom.

* * * * *

 The Level turned to face Kisa and Yuuki and it licked it's lips hungrily "You... won't be... as.. tasty.... as... that girl" he said pointing at Keiko who was lying lifelessly on the ground "But.. you'll.... do" he said walking towards them, Kisa stood in front of Yuuki shielding her from the creature she was terrified of, the creature then charged at the two but was stopped as a fist plunged through it's chest just missing it's heart Kisa and Yuuki's eyes widened in shock, as did Zero and Kaname's who had just arrived out of breath and where hiding behind some trees, as they saw that behind the Level E was Keiko the creature saw her "Impossible....*cough*... you.... were.. killed *cough*" he managed to say while coughing up blood "I missed" Keiko said with a smile "Do you honestly believe I'm that easily killed?" she said her eyes glowing blood red and showing her fangs "Unlike you" she said swinging her arm that was in the creature away and the Level E went flying towards a tree and turned to dust upon impact with it. Keiko then faced away from everyone.

"I know you're there so stop your pathetic attempt to hide" Keiko said Zero and Kaname then stepped out the trees

"Zero, Kaname!" Yuuki said shocked to see them

"How did you kn-" Zero was interrupted by Keiko

"Not to be rude even though I knew you were there I wasn't talking to you" she said then 20 Level E's came out of hiding, everyone else was shocked except Kisa, the creature's were surprised but angry that their cover was blown

"How.. did.... she.. sense.. us?" one of them asked

"Well... master.... did.. send...quite.. a lot... of.. us.. to... get her" another answered

"She.... certainly.. lives... up.. to....her....expectations" one said looking at the remains of their fallen ally.

 Keiko smiled "Enough talk let's dance" she said her fingernails extending into sharp claws and her fangs lengthening then charging at the Level E's they then ran towards her one tried to slit her throat but she dodged and stabbed her hand through it's chest and hit it's heart it immediately turned to dust another tried to jump her but she dodged and attacked it from behind she then slit 3 of their throats at once another tried to attack her from behind "Keiko look out!" Yuuki shouted but before Keiko could attack it Kisa tackled it away from her Kisa then stabbed it through it's chest and then pulled out it's heart and crushed it in her hand "Finally decided to join in Kisa" Keiko said while tearing off a Level E's head "I couldn't let you have all the fun" Kisa said cutting a Level E in half with her claws both Keiko and Kisa had their claws extended and fangs out the only difference was that while Keiko's eyes were blood red Kisa's eyes remained their normal colour, Yuuki, Zero and Kaname were stunned by the scene they were witnessing for the girls that seemed like just some harmless jokers were now killing so easily, Keiko and Kisa had now killed all the Level E's except one and it was terrified from having witnessed it's allies defeat "Tell us who your master is" Keiko said covered in blood "Never!" the creature shouted 'Thought so' Keiko thought she then disappeared then reappeared behind the Level E and restrained it "Then I'll find out myself" she then exposed the creature's neck and then bit hard burying her fangs deep into it's neck "AHHHHHHHH!" the Level E screamed out in pain as she drank it's blood.

'"You will go to Cross Academy and destroy her and her friend understand!" the man shouted

"Yes master!" the Level E's answered

"I will not tolerate failure! You either die there or here understand?!" he shouted yet again

"Yes master!" they shouted again'.

 Keiko then opened her eyes her fangs still in the creature's neck when Kisa saw her friends eyes open she knew what to do she then stabbed the Level E and pulled out it's heart and then crushed it 'I love doing this' she thought "It was 'them' that sent the Level E's" Keiko said to her friend hiding her claws and fangs again and her eyes went back to normal her friend did the same "Not 'them' again" Kisa whined "Yes it's 'them' *gag then coughs* Level E blood tastes foul" Keiko said wiping the blood off her chin "Why don't you go a have bite out of that Vampire Hunter?" Kisa said pointing at Zero "No thank you" Keiko said looking at Zero then stretched "Well that was good fun wasn't it?" she asked looking back at her friend "Yeah it was I love playing murder in the dark!" Kisa said with a smile while Keiko started laughing.

"Sorry to interrupt you two but what the hell was that?!" Zero demanded pointing at the remains of the Level E's

"Huh? oh umm we just killed some Level E's nothing special" Keiko said looking around 'Oh my what a mess' she thought "Also Yuuki bad night to give your blood to Zero" Keiko said pointing at her neck

"Huh?! How did you know?!" Yuuki asked covering her neck where the bandage was

"When I tackled you earlier I saw the bandage" Keiko said then saw Kaname glaring at Zero "Kaname you can tear out Zero's throat later for now we need to work out what to do now" she said and Kaname stopped glaring at Zero

"Well I think we should go to the Headmaster's office and ask him what to do" Yuuki said starting to walk in the direction of the office

"Okay" Keiko and Kisa said following Yuuki, Zero and Kaname coming along too.

 They all walked towards the Headmaster's office and when they got there Yuuki knocked "Come in" the Headmaster said and they all walked in and Kaname shut the door Zero then slammed his hands on the desk 'Not again' Keiko thought "How could you let those monsters in the Day Class Headmaster?!" Zero shouted in the Headmaster's face 'Monsters? how original' Keiko thought sarcastically in her head.

"What do you mean?" the Headmaster asked unaffected by Zero's shouting

"They're vampires!" Zero shouted pointing at Keiko and Kisa

"Why do you say that Zero?" the Headmaster asked looking at Keiko and Kisa

"Cos' we just saw them kill 20 Level E's and they killed them with claws and fangs" Zero said getting frustrated

"21" Keiko corrected

"What's the difference?" Zero said not caring

"Well 21 is one more than 20" Keiko said while Kisa started laughing

"SHUT UP!" Zero shouted now facing Keiko

"Make me hothead" Keiko said while Kisa continued laughing and Kaname struggled to resist the urge to laugh

"I SAID SHUT UP!" Zero shouted getting out his Bloody Rose and pointing it at Keiko

"Awe shiny" Keiko said looking at the gun in her face

"SHUT UP ALREADY!" Zero shouted he was about to pull the trigger when the Headmaster's voice stopped him and Kisa's laughter

"Zero! you don't use that gun unless it's absolutely necessary!" the Headmaster shouted "Now put the Bloody Rose away and let's settle this without violence" he said in a serious voice and Zero put the gun away

"So you do still have your serious Vampire Hunter personality in you" Keiko said smiling while everyone except Kisa was surprised

"How do you kn-" Yuuki was interrupted by Keiko

"Come on Yuuki me and Kisa are Kaname's old friend's do you seriously think I wouldn't know all about Vampire's and Vampire Hunter's?" Keiko said smiling at her

"You're Kaname's friend?" the Headmaster asked surprised looking at the two girls

"Yes they are" Kaname answered 'Though I still don't remember Kisa yet' he thought

"Well why don't we start from the beginning how did this whole incident with the Level E's occur?" the Headmaster asked sitting back down at his desk

"Alright I'll explain" Keiko said acting very seriously.

OHHHHHHHH Things are getting interesting Who sent the Level E's? How will the Headmaster act when he hears about what happened? Find out soon...........

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