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My Vampire Knight Fanfic Chapter 13 Keiko's Back!

Here is my fanfics new chapter.

 Everyone was shocked at what they just saw. Keiko felt the bullet go through her left shoulder just missing her heart but she didn't flinch or anything.

"What a welcome" Keiko said in a calm voice she then looked at the man who'd shot her she saw he had long, wavy, jet-black hair and blue colored eyes with an eye patch over his right eye and a scar on the right side of his chin she soon remembered who he was "Ahhhh I remember you seems you haven't changed except now you're shooting at me instead of Kisa" Keiko said smiling

"Keiko what happened to you?!" the Headmaster asked

"Nothing much" Keiko said

"Have you seen the state you're in!" the Headmaster asked not believing the way Keiko was acting

"Yes I have" Keiko said looking at herself she had tears in her hoodie and jeans, there was a huge claw mark that went went right down her front that had gone through her hoodie and shirt and was covered in blood there was also a chunk missing out of her hood near her left eye, her clothes were drenched in blood her right hand was completely covered in blood that was still wet she had a few drops of blood on her face her eyes were still blood red "And I see no need to make a big fuss about it" Keiko said taking her hood off her hair was still in a plait but it was now a loose plait and a few blotch's of blood could be seen in her dark hair

"Seriously?!" the Headmaster asked wondering how the hell Keiko was acting so calm

"You sure were busy" Kisa said looking at her friend

"Yep speaking of which I have some unfinished business behind me" Keiko said smiling and turned round and there was a Level E behind her "Persistant little fella aren't you?" she said and the Level E growled at her 'You've been following me since I left the town' Keiko thought.

 The Level E then leapt at her but Keiko dodged he then tryed to attack her the same way again and again but Keiko dodged every time the Level E then went to attack but instead of attacking Keiko the Level E went past her and tryed to attack Yuuki but Keiko shielded Yuuki just as the Level E's claws were about to hit Yuuki the Level E's claws cut deep down the left side of Keiko's face Keiko cried out in pain as the Level E's claws tore out her left eye the ground was splattered with her blood, everyone's eyes widened in surprise at what they just saw, Keiko then extended the claws in her left hand she then attacked the Level E with her claws and she cut deep into the right side of his face the Level E howled in pain and even more so when Keiko's claws tore out his right eye the Level E quickly stepped away from Keiko and put it's right hand over where it's right eye used to be.

"An eye for an eye my friend" Keiko said pointing to the left side of her face which was now covered in blood.

 The Level E growled at Keiko it then leaped at Keiko and tryed to attack her with it's claws but failed and Keiko tryed to get the creature with her claws and manged to scratch it's left arm. Everyone was silently watching Keiko and the Level E fight Yagari then raised his gun but Kisa stopped him with her right arm.

"You might hit Keiko" Kisa said calmly still watching the fight and she felt Yagari lower his gun 'What are you doing Keiko?' Kisa thought 'If you wanted you could end this fight with a blink of an eye so why are you holding back' Kisa thought wondering what her friend was up to.

 Keiko dodged a few more of the Level E's attacks but he caught her off guard and landed a strong punch to her stomach Keiko coughed as all the breath left her lungs and a few drops of blood came out in her cough Keiko then took a few steps back and continued to cough she then threw up a large amount of blood that looked like it came from 3 different people not including her everyone's eyes, including the Level E's, widen in surprise at what they just saw as Keiko stopped coughing she looked at the Level E.

"I feel much better now" Keiko said wiping the blood off her mouth "That blood had been sitting in my stomach giving me a bad stomach ache the only problem now is that you've made me hungry" Keiko said smiling her fangs showing and her blood red eye glowing brighter.

 The Level E's eyes widened in fear and it tryed to run but before it could Keiko leapt at the creature and buried her fangs deep into the creatures neck the Level E cried out in pain and fell back and landed on the ground with Keiko on top it pinning it's arms down the Level E continued to cry out in pain and tryed to get Keiko off it but Keiko tightened her grip on the creatures arms and neck and continued to devour the Level E's blood in big gulps even when the Level E stopped struggling and when Keiko was finished she bit harder into the Level E's neck she then yanked her head back along with her whole upper body and there was a horrible tearing sound as Keiko tore off the Level E's head she then stood up with head still in her mouth, there was no blood coming from the head as Keiko had drained the Level E dry, as Keiko released the head from her fangs and the head landed on the ground it turned to dust along with the rest of the Level E's body Keiko then licked the blood off her lips she then turned to face some trees to the right of her.

"I hope you enjoyed the show I made it extra entertaining just for you" Keiko said smiling.

 When everyone was about to ask who Keiko was talking to a bat flew out of the trees Keiko was facing and flew off into the night sky. Keiko then turned to face everyone the red now gone from her eye.

"Keiko!" Kisa said happily and gave her friend a hug "It's great that you're back it's so boring without you here" she said smiling

"It's great to be back" Keiko said hugging her friend back

"Keiko are you alright?" the Headmaster asked not sure of what else to say after what he just witnessed

"I'm perfectly fine" Keiko said smiling

"You know you're missing an eye right?" Zero said

"Of course I do" Keiko said still smiling "Now if you'll excuse me I have to go clean up but I'll explain everything in the Headmaster's office" Keiko said walking towards the Sun Dorms with Kisa following behind her

"She never changes" Kaname said smiling when Keiko and Kisa were gone from sight

"So this is normal for her?" Yuuki asked

"Pretty much" Kaname said "I think if it's best if we wait in the Headmaster's office like she said" Kaname said walking towards the Headmaster's office with everyone soon following.

* * * * *

 Keiko and Kisa arrived at their room and Keiko took off her black hoodie and looked at it.

"This is past mending" Keiko said throwing her hoodie on her bed she the took off her black shirt and looked at it 'But I guess I can fix this' Keiko thought she then took her hair out of her plait and when she finally got her hair loose of it her hair was very wavy 'Not again' she thought.

 Keiko then went into the bathroom and took off the rest of her clothes and went into the shower and turned it on she watched as the blood washed off her hair, face and body down the drain. Meanwhile Kisa was just sitting on her bed waiting patiently while Keiko cleaned up soon Keiko came out of the bathroom in a white towel she then walked over to her and Kisa's cupboard and picked out some clothes and went back into the bathroom to get dressed soon Keiko came out in her Day Class uniform with some bandages in her hand.

"Could you help me please" Keiko said holding the bandages towards Kisa

"Sure" Kisa said taking the bandages from Keiko and moving over so Keiko could sit next to her on the bed.

 Kisa then moved to sit behind Keiko, while Keiko held her long hair above her head out of the way, Kisa then started to put the bandages around the left half of Keiko's face where she lost her eye and around the back of her head after she finished covering up Keiko's wound she tied the bandages at the back of Keiko's head together.

"Okay done" Kisa said after making sure the knot wouldn't come loose

"Thanks" Keiko said and let go of her hair, which now covered the bandages, and used her long fringe to cover the bandages that were covering her wound

"Are you sure you're okay Keiko?" Kisa asked worried for her friend

"I'm perfectly fine!" Keiko said standing up "Besides I've had worse injuries" she said turning round and smiling at her friend

"That's true" Kisa said glad her friend was fine

"Now as much as I would like to hear what you've been up to while I was away I think we should be getting to the Headmaster's office" Keiko said holding her hand out

"Okay" Kisa said smiling and taking her friends hand and got off the bed.

 Keiko then put her shoes on and her and Kisa then headed towards the Headmasters office.

* * * * *

 In the Headmaster's office everyone was quietly waiting for Keiko and Kisa to arrive. Soon the door opened and Keiko and Kisa came in with Kisa closing the door behind her and joining Keiko on the sofa.

"Okay I'll tell you where I was and what I've been doing from the beginning" Keiko said ready to tell the long story.

OHHHHHHHHH! things are getting interesting who did the bat and Level E belong to? and where and what was Keiko doing? find out soon.........

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